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Buying a bike this week. Never bought used bike/car before. Help?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chokpa, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Might be buying a new bike this week.

    I've never bought a used car or bike before and don't really know much about it. I checked out the beginners articles but it seemed to have been written for the states.

    Can anyone just give me a brief run down on what i need to sign or look at to make sure the bike is mine.

    In terms of inspecting it, i'm slowly reading through the guides and such. I've requested the VIN etc from the owner to do a REVS check and the checks on the RTA site.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Revs check 1st

    then (from rta)
    Buying or selling a vehicle

    When you buy a vehicle

    Before you buy a vehicle, you should check the registration and CTP insurance details of the vehicle via myRTA or phone the RTA Contact Centre on 13 22 13. You must transfer the registration into your name within 14 days of the vehicle coming into your possession or management.
    You'll need to visit a motor registry with:

    • Proof of identity, or if you're registering the vehicle in the name of a company or organisation, proof that the company or organisation is a legal entity.
    • Proof of entitlement to register the vehicle. If the vehicle is to be registered in another person's name, a letter of authorisation must be provided detailing the name and address of the person to be recorded as the registered operator. A registered operator may or may not be the owner of the vehicle.
    • A completed Application for Transfer form.
    And you may need to pay:

    • Transfer fee.
    • Stamp duty (unless exempt).
    • Additional motor vehicle tax (or national heavy vehicle charges) if you have bought your vehicle from someone receiving an RTA concession (such as a pensioner) and you are not eligible for that concession.
    • Late transfer surcharge. A surchage will be applied to customers who fail to transfer the registration within 14 days of the date of acquisition.
    If you have an E-Tag you should also update your number plate details with your tag provider.
    Transferring and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance

    A vehicle's existing CTP insurance will be automatically transferred when the registration is transferred. You don't need to do anything about CTP insurance until the registration is due for renewal.
  3. Cheers.

    I guess what I was asking is what do I need to get off the seller? I assume there's registration papers but is there anything else? I'm a complete noob about rego, rwc, ctp, insurance etc
  4. rego, service book, receipt, original manual if they have it. All Keys.
  5. I would now concern yourself with picking up a few hints and tips to check the condition of the bike
  6. Take an experienced bike buyer/rider with you! I tried reading all the guides etc which, while useful, aren't nearly as good as someone experienced actually showing and explaining everything to you.


  7. cheers.

    Yeah now my problem is getting someone to actually inspect it. I dunno if I can get someone out there on such short notice.

    My friend who knows about bikes is interstate and my dad hasn't ridden in 20+ years so he's out of touch with them.

    Considering finding someone on Netrider who's willing to look at it and i'll pay them for their troubles. Anyone interested? It's near St Clair. It's an 04 VTR

    If anyone could recommend someone that might be able to do it quickly then even better :)

    Thanks riders
  8. Just picked up my RS125 last week and it's a beaut!

    When buying a car and when I brought the bike I always bring someone else with me to inspect it. Sometimes I become "blind" by blemishes and notice them much much later down the road. I am someone who is a bit mechanical savvy but even still I'm not going to kid myself.

    Another thing I did was before I put a deposit down on it I went away and got a coffee just to make sure this was the right bike for me.
  9. thats my problem, because if i go see it then it's probably going to be dark as well. And i'm not a motorhead who knows enough. I don't even really feel comfortable using that sticky guide - in case i miss something.

    The bike has been lovetapped by a car and crashed at 5-10km/hr on a bend.

    bent gear lever, fender scratches and a scratched muffler

    Edit: If anyone can help please PM me. I'll be checking my email all day. Happy to buy you a case of beer.. or two or some money :)

    Appreciate it!
  10. Never inspect anything at night time
  11. dont really have much choice man. i could try make it to his place really early i guess but i'd be groggy as hell. it's indoors so lighting should be sufficient atleast.
  12. have a very very bright torch on you then to use to inspect the bike
  13. had a look tonight and it seems alright. Thinking of taking ownership tomorrow and getting him to deliver it.

    Issue now is that the rego has lapsed now for nearly a month. To get it re rego'd what's the procedure going to be like?

    RTA Site reckons I need to do all this:

    Registration Fee Rego Cars & Wagons <= 2 Ton Ann
    Motor Vehicle Tax W/tax ( 0- 2504) Yr Motor Cycle Pri Gen
    Yellow - Tran Fee
    Stamp Duty

    I've been reading a few threads and they all seem to say different things.

    I'm really just interested in what I need to get off him. The rest I can do in my own sweet time.

    This is NSW btw
  14. you will need him to sign the rego papers and give them to you

    he will tear off the top section and send that to the RTA to say there is a new owner

    you need to get a pink slip inspection done at a authourised mechanic

    if you pass the pink slip you then need to purchase a CTP green slip from a insurance company

    take the pink slip the green slip and the signed over rego papers to the rta office with your licence and pay the money and your bike will be registered for 12 months insured ctp and in your name
  15.  Top
  16. alright so the procedure is pretty similiar but I have to get a pink slip. Whereas with a transfer of ownership I don't need a pink right?

    Gotta get my L's first though. Otherwise it might seem a bit sus getting rego and CTP on my name when i'm not licensed to ride.

    Thanks - hope I don't get ripped :)
  17. pink slip is the inspection of the bike - to see if it is road worthy

    you can transfer ownership without a pink slip but the bike will not be registered
  18. Oh okay - forgot they're different things.

    Which rego papers should I be expecting?

    1. Title
    2. Rego ownership?

    Sorry a million things buzzing around in my head and plus the idea of owning a bike tomorrow is really just getting me confused.

    Off to bed for tonight. Later NRs. Catch you all tomorrow morning