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Buying a Bike (soon), 8-9k to spend

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pottsy44, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hi guys new to the forum, been wanting to get a bike since i was around 17, im 19 (20 soon). rode dirt bikes for a few years when i was 7-10.

    im pretty keen on getting a gs500f, or possibly a zzr250. is there any other bikes that have decent power and are a good riding bike that is learner legal? id prefer a full fairing bike (not for practicallity, rather looks :p )

    how much im i looking at for insurance, i keep getting around the $1500 for full comp :? ... if it is going to cost me this much im going to get it in my old man's name (30+ years riding experience) and myself as a listed driver. so my question is, can i get it cheaper?

    i plan on getting the following gear (don't plan on sticking to a budget, if i spend lots of money, so be it):
    -leather jacket
    -leather pants
    -draggin pants
    -summer and winter gloves
    -already got a good helmet from go-karting, but may get another (for a more visable colour)
    also are boots a must? like above the ankle?

    thanks guys, appreciate any help that can be given.

  2. insurance will be cheaper if you get the sexier naked bikes :wink:
  3. Yes, but alot of places do it based on the youngest rider. NRMA doesn't though :) Hint hint.

    Yes boots are a must. Define a 'good helmet', I wouldn't pay less than 200 for a helmet, mine was 300, and I intend on spending 500+ on my next one.

    GT650R is beefy, and learner legal. If you're happy going for cheap and cheerful korean bikes, go for it - can get a brand new one with 2 years warranty for the price of some other much older learner legal rockets.

    To be honest, if going over 120kmh alot is your plan, you'd probably want a cbr250rr, zxr250, gt650, er5, gs500, something like that. But if thats not the riding you intend to be doing, pretty much any other 250 will fit the bill, and still quicker than most cars up to that speed.

    Expect to drop/crash it at some point though, more likely early on. So if thats a turn off, perhaps best not to get something brand new (as you will lose alot in depreciation, whilst you'll lose almost nothing owning a 250 for a year, assuming you don't do big kms and maintain it well).

    The right bike for you is dependant on what type of riding you'll be doing, so clue us in and we'll be able to give you a more detailed spiel.
  4. 1. haha thanks mate didnt check them, my dad is with qbe, do they do that too?

    2, my current helmet is a $600 h**, cant remember the name its been put away for 3 years since i last raced go karts. I got it fitted properly too, it doesnt bobble on my head and stuff.

    3. ill be riding in 1 day to uni per week (100km round trip), going to the gym 3 times a week (20km round trip so 60kim per week) and weekend riding (50-150km per week), i suppose you can halve this for winter lol.
  5. Not sure about qbe actually.. easiest thing is to get a quote with them.

    Besides, if you ring nrma you can get the no claim discount etc. as long your dad has it with qbe. Sounds like you'll be doing some freeway work to uni? I'd definitely recommend getting something with a fairing (plastic go faster bits).

    So if you rode to your spec. 52 weeks a year it would be about 13000kms - which isn't heaps, so getting a big bike to deal with big kms isn't a huge concern.

    Whether you want to keep the bike after you get your full license is another consideration - not much point in getting a spanking new bike just to sell it 15 months later and suffer the worst part of depreciation.

    Some learner legal faired bikes are: zzr250, gpx250, cbr250, zxr250, gs500,gt250r, gt650r, fzr250, gsx250 (suzuki across).

    There are others, but I just got up so half of my brain is still waking up. Also, whether you buy privately or from a dealer is a question. I bought from a dealer for my first bike as I didn't feel confident enough to assess a private bike. Obviously you'll pay more for the dealer, but if you can get them at a good time (ie. end of month), you can minimize the loss, and you do get some peace of mind.

    So get yourself to every bike shop around and start sitting on some bikes.
  6. Joy of motorcycling 101: the Honda VTR250. Do yourself a favour, ride one of these before you buy a faired bike, you'll learn to like the looks and they're so much fun it's ridiculous.
  7. Yes yes, shhh :p I'd have gone with a vtr if I did it over again. But then again I dont have a 100km commute to uni (which is why I'm assuming you use the freeway.. if not, dont worry about fairing so much)

    I left out the most important aspect of buying a bike - all 250s are fast compared to cars and slow compared to bigger bikes. So its a matter of finding something you like the looks of.
  8. thanks phizog great help, yeah i pretty much though faired to start with, for the freeways/highways. weekend rides would be to wollongong too, so most of the riding would be at 80-100km/h.

    ill check out those bikes you mentioned too!
  9. Hi wanabe :)
    Your gona have fun mate but dont turn into one of them "forgot the word" citezenz.

    Money wise if you have bundles waiting to burn then man, why u worry about the insurance but if u want a normal point of view, Id be getting somthing around the 5 k mark, 3rd party eventually, but ride her around and yeh, you can damage eachother so respect eachother, get a tank bag, have no back rest, and if you like the pussy you should be getting a cruiser.

    Your young and dumb, if I were you id chill out and see the other side of it first, feel me cos theres a lot of women, drunks, asians who refuse to look where theyre going, slick spots, friggin asteroid craters and milkcrates to name a few which are lying around everywhere.

    forget your feelings about the lecture because theres one too many inexperienced people around talking things they truely have no clue about.

    Biking is the finest thing in life, but its no fashion acessory. You will be the bike and the bike will be you. If you have a baby you should part with it.

    Dont die.
  10. I Ride a ZZR250, for $4500 you can get a good second hand one.

    I reccomend against a brand new bike for a learner, i learnt the hard way that learners are likely to crash their bikes *i've done it a few times*

    the ZZR is well built, and easy as pie to source parts for. and they look alright too :p

    Another one to consider is the GPX250 and the ZX2R's from Kawasaki

    The Honda CB250F's VTR250's and even the CB250 (lol) are alright bikes too!
  11. Definitely wear above-the-ankle riding boots - either 'touring boots' or track-racing 'rocketboots'. Touring boots are probably more comfortable to wear on a daily basis, and are a bit less conspicuous. Track-racing boots are a little more protective but probably not as nice for walking in.

    Proper riding boots give better foot, ankle and shin protection than normal footwear, and better yet, most are waterproof, and well-insulated to be comfortable in both summer and winter riding. I know my sneakers certainly aren't waterproof... not very windproof... and definitely not crashproof. :) Good touring boots are usually between $150 and $300ish.

    I agree with getting a second-hand bike in general - even one with very minor "drop" damage if you don't mind scuffed mufflers and bar-ends. Much cheaper that way. My theory was that if the bike had fallen on its side once, it wouldn't want to do it again. :)
  12. or a LAMs monster, if I had my choice again and had LAMs I would seriuosly look at motard! Now that's fun :tantrum: :tantrum:
  13. Lol DavoDinkum, you arrogant whore :p
  14. +1 and insurance is next to nothing, I pay less than 1/3 of what the OP quotes, and yes its full comp.

    Theres some great Tards for sale around at the moment.
  15. u want one too?
    gday mate

    Whats the story here man, i just found this place.

    Is this a place where good rides get organised? like the 50 60 bike ones?

    Or just another forum?
  16. Im back

    You sound like your from the country, so id say u should figure the highway ks on to it too. Get a bmw.
    or a ducatti monsta620

    Or iv got a 650 at the moment im willing to let go for the right price
  17. Just another forum, move along. :p
  18. you should try to move me :LOL:
  19. just an update to this post.

    i bought a gs500f, 2006, blue/white, 1800k's, $7000.

    i got a:

    agv gp pro helmet (blue) 550 down to 470
    axo waterproof boots 350 down to 300
    alpine gloves 150 down to 60
    hornee jeans 230 down to 200
    xena dis lock with alarm.

    and looking at getting a A* Dyno Leather Jacket from America.

    also, i did the first half of my pre leaners today and will do the rest tomorrow. then booked in for the DKT on friday :grin: