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Buying a bike sight unseen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azzab, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys I am in the market for a new LAMS bike, I only have 7 months left so dont want to buy new. The problem is there are no good second hand SV650s in Brisbane.

    So I can either fly down to VIC or NSW test ride and have it shipped here unregistered. OR Launceston BMW is Tassy has one with 1500klm and 6 months factory warrenty left which I am thinking about getting shipped directly here if the price is right.

    SO the question is, would you buy a bike sight unseen? Please keep in mind this is not the bike of my dreams just a solid learner to sharpen my skills on before I upgrade next year.

  2. Azzab,

    I think there are companies out there that will go and inspect a bike on your behalf - and then if you want it, they'll even arrange transport for you.

    You'd then have to get a roadworthy inspection done so you can register it here in Qld.

    I'm thinking about doing the same thing.


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  3. I bout a 2001 bmw r1200c off the net, bike had low kms and service hiistory, found it on bikesales was advertised for about $7k from memory, the bike shop in Parramatta delieverd it door to door for that price, had the bike insured for $11k [its value] damn wrote it off last november..
    Shipping is no biggie, the guy that brought my bike dwon from Parramatta does Brizzy down to melb in one of those Merc transit vans, bikes get treated well. The tassy one, why not ship across to melb then ride it home? If you have low kms just baby it home ad it'd be run in well and truly by the time you get home.
  4. I bought a postie off eBay sight unseen for $420ish (cant remember the exact figure). It was a bit bent but it was registered so i rode it round for a bit then it blew up, couldnt be bothered fixing it but an aquaitance gave me $350 for it.

    I wouldn't buy a dear bike though, I like to touch it.
  5. My SV650S is for sale in Brisbane.

    It's on the south side. You can pm me of you want more info.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Actually just had a guy from another forum tell me he has mates in Tassy who ride and will go look at it for it. Failing that did you have anyone in mind G?

    Yeah its got 1500klm so already run in but my job is comm only so really wouldnt make sense forme to take time off work to ride a bike back to save money - as much as id loveto haha.
  7. If you only need it for 7 months before upgrading, Buy something else thats local.
  8. I had thought of that, but I sold a nice car (to get a family car :) ) so the bike is my release/enjoyment. So Im riding very much for pleasure not commuting etc so am struggling to buy a bike just for the sake of getting through my LAMS. I want to be excited to ride it on the weekend.
  9. After a little while off a bike, I get a kick out of riding a postie. Or the kids PW50 in the back yard. For me its the ride itself not whatever bike I'm on.
    Although i do remember a few years ago stopping at a mates place and he asked me if the bike was a 750, I said 'no, Its 1160, I wouldnt own a 750..' It was a while ago. main ride now is a drz400.. :)
  10. plenty of Netriders (myself included) have inspected bikes on behalf of other Netriders...
  11. Have you bought a bike sight unseen?

    I'm interested in a bike that is a long long way away. Like 21 hours drive one way, or couple hours flight plus a four hour drive and that is one way.

    So I'm thinking would I buy it just from the pictures and communication with the seller and have the bike shipped up to me.

    Anyone else done this?
  12. No, but rare bikes sometimes have to be grabbed when they become available and could be worth the risk. What's the bike Sam?
  13. Do you have someone nearby that can look for you ? relo ? friend ?
  14. Bumblebee... Not a rare bike at all. Just a very well priced bike that has caught my interest from regional Victoria. And you know me, have to investigate these bargains to see what they are. Ducati ST3... And now I will go and hide.....

    Andells, no I don't know anyone in the area or region.
  15. If it's too well priced there's a good chance there might be problems with it which makes shipping it unseen not worth the risk.
  16. Bought my BMW R1100RT as a repairable write-off (when you still could without too much red-tape) on the strength of a bunch of web photos and the seller's description. It worked out pretty well.
  17. I practically bought my ZX6RR track bike unseen. Placed a deposit and had to drive 5 1/2 hours (11 hours round trip) to take a look, but I guess I still had a chance to pull out once I saw the bike in person. However, would have been peeved if bike wasn't as described.

    I kept the lines of communication open by texting back and forth and just kept asking every question I could think of. Ask for a lot of pictures too. Seller should understand that you are making a big committment on your end, and if he is unhappy to accommodate, then let the sale go.

    I think in these types of transactions, you're not just buying the bike, you're also buying the seller, and if the seller can be trusted, then should be fine to buy the bike unseen.
  18. I wouldn't say "too well priced", but well priced and if I could get it a bit cheaper, it might be a good deal.
  19. Yeah Justin, agreed. I bought my VFR like that. Lots of pictures exchanged, put a deposit down then drove 13 hours to look at it. Paid the rest and brought it home.

    If I get this bike, it will be a sight unseen job as I won't be able to look at her. It all depends if the seller and I can strike a deal.
  20. Imagine the excitement as she gets dropped off! :woot: