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Buying a bike. Repairable writeoff.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Heretic6, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hi, finaly decided to buy another bike and I'm looking every where from tradingpost to ebay and bikesales. I've got a few questions so if you guys can help me out that'll be great.
    One of the bikes I'm looking is a repairable writeoff (RW), I've searched the forum and found many helpful replies. I'd like to know if you get a repairable writeoff (RW) registred does the RTA, REVS record always say that the bike was once a RW?
    How much will it cost after I've done all the repairs to get it registered? I figured it'll cost something in this order; Blue slip $30, green slip $650, stamp duty $200, Rego fee $50, Vehicle tax $48 Total $978. Anything else I'm missing?
    Also does anyone have any views on A1roadrace, a friend of mine says its no good I'd like to know other peoples thoughts on them.

  2. The bike will always be a RWO and is reflected in your cheaper buy price. Am sure you wouldn't like to buy a RWO and not know about it, so you sell it cheaper than a comparable bike.

    Your green slip sounds expensive. Quoted $385 on first call
    Rego = $98
    Stamp duty 3% of value
    New Plate $30

    Good luck with it all
  3. RW are the bomb last 3 of my 5 bikes were write offs.
    For a 300cc+ u are lokking at about $800 green blue rego plates ect if u are under 25

    Bike under 300cc u are looking at around $500 all legal costs if u are 25 or under having said that shop around.

    I got a bike atm that was once in the ownership of A1 road n race. The do a fiberglass mesh over the broken plastics glue everytthing into place then give it a quick coat of two pack pain. Spent the last 3 days peeling of their gay fiberglass and doing proper plastic welds.

    Its really buyer beware and what u want out of ur machine, I reckon i have picked up lots of bargins. If ur know ur shit dive in u will love it. If u get stuff that been retin off make sure u know how to use a screw driver and a spaner.

    Got any more questions fell freee to ask

    I may be a bit baised as i repair reparable write offs on the side.
  4. Currently I'm looking at a 1000cc bike, been riding 250 and 600s so want something bigger. I'm 25yrs so I'm guessing the total will be around the $800 mark.
    I guess I need to really go over the prospective RWO bike, still there always other bikes. Will have to look at everything out there before making a decision.
    The only thing that bothers me with RWO is that they'll always have that record, but still its a good thing that they do keep that tag so as to help future buyers.
    Another thing with A1roadrace do the bikes they sell are they ready for rego or do they need more work before geting them registered.