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buying a bike privately - what do i need to do?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chmaiden, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. ok guys - have agreed a price, put a deposit down, and had it checked out by a mechanic. What do I need to do now (am new to bieks in oz) ??? It goes for its RWC tmoorrow. I then go and see the seller and give him a wad of notes then what? forms etc? I am going to have to get someone to transport it back to me - its the other side of melbourne and I dont really feel confident enough to ride it back at the moment

  2. When i bought my bike basically all we had to do there was sign a bill of sale that states the rego and previous owner, price of sale and yours and their signature and adresses etc..... Very easy stuff. As for transport back i put mine in a trailer as i didnt have my license yet
  3. What he said. It only has to be handwritten, and I usually get a witness to sign as well (has always been the person taking the car back while I get to ride home).
  4. cool - just been looking at the vicroads site - do i have to fill out an application for transer of registration?
  5. I've never bought privatly, but I'm pretty sure you do. I'm also pretty sure there is a Vicroads hotline you can ring to ask what needs to be done.

    What did you buy?
  6. Bought my virago privately in May. Did the vehicle number/chassis check on Vic Roads website. You only need the rego plate number for that, and worth doing to make sure you are getting the right bike. The current owner should fill out their section of the transfer form & you sign your section & take it along to vic roads with the RWC & transfer into your name. For the $3,900 I paid for bike it cost me around $165 in fees to transfer. I also got owner to sign document I drew up stating his name, address & bike rego & with his drivers licence number. I'm cautious by nature

    I also checked the owner. To do this though you have to ring up vicroads, can't do it on line. You have to tell them who you believe the owner & address are and they will only confirm it, they won't tell you who it is if it's different.

    Good luck, and many happy rides ahead
  7. vtr250 mate
  8. what colour and for how cheap if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Nice work. Hope to see you out on it soon.
  10. will be out early on sunday morning trying to remember what we learnt!
  11. Yes.
    Unless this has changed recently, this is how it goes...

    Generally, the seller will obtain the application form. It has to be filled out and signed by both the seller and buyer. Make sure it is signed and dated correctly. The purchase price needs to match the receipt (bill of sale) that the seller must also give you. The application form will have two copies, one for buyer, one for seller. Make sure everything is filled out that needs to be.

    The bill of sale must include the full name of buyer and seller (addresses?), the amount paid, the VIN and registration number of the vehicle and the date of sale. This can be hand written but must be signed by both parties. One copy each, if you like, but you're the one who needs it most.

    Take your copy of the application form, the bill of sale and the RWC to Vicroads, where they will reach into your pockets and rob you. Then all being well, the bike will be yours
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  13. ^ once you've done all of that and your insurance, you can start looking for your next bike :grin:
  14. If it says "unable to determine" does it necessarily mean its not the best thing to buy it?
  15. a VTR you say?
    i'll ride it back for you... :angel:
  16. For something like $24, you can get a full VSR (vehicle security register) report emailed to you. Just call vicroads, or you can even do it online via their website.

    Tells you all the info, including who is owed money for the vehicle, the vehicle owners name etc.

    Definitely recommended for peace of mind.
  17. Too late, haha.
    Already bought the bike and its clean as a whistle. Now all I need to do is pass the L's without stalling.
  18. Hey guys,

    im kinda going through the same process atm so thought i would post my situation in this thread rather than starting a new one. Ive just come off my restrictions and have been looking around for a 600 for ages. On sunday went to have a look at a kawasaki ninja 2006 zx636. Was love at first site! bikes only done 567km and is brand new. Im paying 10,000 for it with 12 months rego. Great deal IMO.

    Bike didnt start straight up as it had been sitting there for 3 weeks not ridden. That was all fine, the guy charged it up and i went back a few hours later and was running well. Left a 300 dollar deposit on the bike, the guy wrote out a recipt all good.

    Stupid mistake i made was not writing down the VIN Number or Engine Number. I called the guy and he smsed me the bikes details. I then did a vic roads check and the Vin number he provided me was missing a 0 in the engine number compared to the one that came up on vic roads. The vin number and the vehicle number matched. Does this sound dodgy?Could of just been an honest error. I know the bike was purchased from peter stevens in the city so if i called them will they give me all the details about the bike? When i go to pick up the bike later this week obviously i will check the numbers for myself before handing over cash. My only concern is ive had this exact same issue with a previous car of mine. APparantly what they do is leave a random digit out of the engine number. Turns out my car had a stolen engine in it. Could this be the same situation? The guy seems genuine are there any other chekcs i can do to make sure this bike is legit?

    Some guidance would be appreciated guys

  19. also the bike was advertised as a 2006 model however the vic roads report said year manufactured 2005. I dont really care because the 2006 model is the same as the 05 bar the windscreen and the 2005 won middleweight of the year so i dont really care about that but just another thing to worry a bit about i guess