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Buying a bike on L's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Simple6, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    First post out of the way here!

    Just after opinions on buying your first bike (don't worry it's not a 'which bike to buy' thread).

    I've just got my Ls so the extent of my riding experience is what's done in the course (NSW). So how do would you feel if a early 20s bloke turns up to inspect your bike and would like a quick test ride?

    I'm not really talking a 10-15min ride because I wouldn't have the confidence for that, but just a quick ride up the street and back to check gears, clutch, suspension etc.

    Just curious what both new Ls riders who have bought bikes and experienced riders who are selling think or what they do?

  2. if you've got a license...and cash in hand - you can test ride the bike around the block, generally i'll hold onto the buyers license whilst they do their lap or cough up mine if im buying said bike (i know your meant to have your license on you...but ...i dont care....most people i've met don't either when it comes to test rides)
  3. Everyone has to do this at some stage. Don't get scared by the process and buy the first bike you ride because you don't want to keep riding other peoples bikes with no experience. Testing will be fun, it's your only chance to ride lots of bikes and if you don't play with a lot you will regret it.

    If you really think you will struggle on road go test some scooters first as they are much simpler to ride and you can concentrate entirely on your road skill.
  4. I've been thinking about this since I'm going to be putting my bike up for sale in the next couple of weeks.

    I've decided that this is fine - and in a way only fair & necessary. But I'd take a photo of their license (they need the actual license on them in case the get pulled over etc). And I'd want some sort of substantial deposit to cover repairs for any damage / theft in the event. Say $2000.

    Maybe get them to sign some paper before hand admitting that the bike has no visible damage prior to their ride and that this is only a test ride etc - for insurance / communication issues later. And that the deposit will be used to repair all damages if it occurs (i.e It won't be an insurance claim).

    Just remember that every bike is different, in terms of how the engine revs and clutch engagement feel. The vtr250 I used on my course was very different to my cbr250r.

    Personally I was too freaked out to test rides bikes when I got mine and didn't know anyone which rides - so I just went and bought a new one lol.
  5. If the only riding you've done is on say a CB250 or whatever you did your L's on then the only advice I have for you is about 2 strokes. If you are going to test ride an Aprillia 125 or a Mito or Honda NSR150 then you will need to give some decent revs and slip the clutch more to get going. Also the brakes are usually VERY good so don't be savage with them. Other than that don't worry and get out there and test away, Dude....

    Kobo :cool:
  6. Thanks guys,

    Yeah not so much nerves because I was fairly comfortable on the VTR250s at training and I also have 2 mates with a Hyosung GT250 thing and a CBR250 who are willing to give me a couple of runs with. Though of course riding someone else's bike would probably make me fairly nervous I'll be honest, regardless.

    I just personally couldn't imagine anyone willing to let their bike go for a ride to someone with only their L's. To me it's like giving your car to a new licensed learner without supervision! I just find it hard to believe someone would let you go off with it!
  7. When you take their bike for a run let em drive your car along behind. Youve got their bike they've got your car.
  8. Man, I am dreading this process. I have to sell my Versys 650L ABS in the next month or so. As a learner bike no doubt the buyer will be a learner.

    I am pretty much of the opinion that I won't be allowing test rides, they can go to a dealer and do that as it is the current model. I will take it to their mechanic of choice but I am not going to let them test ride it, just no fricken way.

    The seat height on a Versys is quite high at 845mm/33.3 inch and it is a little top heavy so the chance of a learner dropping it is quite high.

  9. Well its a necessary evil so to speak. lol The seller has to take certain risk in order to sell their bike - they are after all asking for a premium over what a trade in will fetch and the buyer gets a discount vs a dealer.

    Just be prepared to pay for any damages lol - or buy the bike :)

    I'm going to be doing test rides on unrestricted bikes soon and am abit apprehensive about that too!
  10. Not unless I'm holding the bike's value in my hand.

    It's completely pointless for an L plater with no experience to test ride a bike.
  11. If possible, ask a friend who rides to come with you and go over the bike, check it's condition etc and take it for a ride.
    My brother in law has been riding 22 years and did this for me when I was shopping. Huge help as he pointed out so many things a new rider would NEVER have even thought about.

    If you don't know anyone with riding experience, it wouldn't hurt to ask around on the forums for a volunteer. Perhaps persuade with a beer or two.
    There are lots of real friendly folk on here with nothing better to do :ROFLMAO:

    Could also rock up to a near-by learner group day and see if anyone there could lend a hand. I know the experienced guys who attend there are very approachable.

    Most sellers will be a tad more comfortable seeing a Learner rock up with an experienced rider who will be the tester, as they shouldn't have to worry about you dropping the clutch and lurching out in-front of a road train.
  12. <<<<never has anything better to do.
  13. Would like to know what peoples comments are on ducati 400 monster as first bike?
  14. dont know too much bout em....but A- it's a ducati....B- it's a ducati....shit aint cheap to maintain - buy a jap naked and be content
  15. thx 87, just need to get some feedback my first bike and in good condition low km's
  16. you'd prob be best talking to some other members like loot as they are more experienced with ducati's....i was tempted by the 400 monster at one point but figure if i was going to put that much money into a bike long term i'd be better off buying a grey import japanese 400 sports bike like the zxr/cbr/gsx/ 400's
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  17. ok thx 87 will do
  18. Unless you leak money out your butt, be real cautious getting a Ducati. I can only imagine the hours of crying in the bottom of the shower after dropping a Ducati.

    You will also be required to frequent cafes to drink hot beverages while looking at your Ducati next to all the other Ducati's.
  19. ^^^^he's learning^^^^
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  20. thx