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buying a bike - lesson learnt - cb600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyan, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. well today I checked out a cb600 hornet and it all appeared fantastic. this was going to be my first bike. i paid a deposit and was going to pay the remainder on monday. the bike was in good condition with only 14000km. talked him down to $5500.

    after paying the deposit, just to be sure i went online and did a v-check on the vin number and pulled up the bikes history.

    2000- reparable writeoff due to malicous damage
    2003 - damaged

    20/09/03 - 10 453km on the clock
    28/01/03 - 101 664km (what the!!!!)
    08/12/07 - 14 400km

    and here is the clincher... it is registered as a cbr600, vin plate says cb600, sold as a cb600.

    result - i went and got my $500 deposit back from the owner
    lesson learnt - do a vcheck on the bike BEFORE paying a deposit.

    could it be that this is really a cbr600 and they have taken the faring off and given it cb600 instruments? i dont know enough about bikes to know how easy this is to do.

    what is your take on this whole scenaro?

    basically i feel bloody dissapointed i didnt get the bike as i loved it and there aren't many for sale. but i also feel lucky that i did a check on the bikes history and probably dodged a bullet.
  2. Good on you on checking out the VIN and everything else as well.
    I am sure others here can tell you the difference between a cb600 and a cbr600.
    Just keep looking and checking... :)
  3. I was giving you some advice about the checks to do on this bike in your other thread, I thought about advising to check if it was a repairable write off, but decided that this check was a given...

    Anyway, you have learnt always check this!

    A repairable write off is not always a bad thing, i have a hornet 600 that was a repairable write off, but you need to know what you are buying.

    The km thing looks a bit strange? The 100000+ reading looks wrong in the time frames you show,

    I have looked at the bike on bikesales, it looks like a Hornet 600 to me, although the CBR600 and Hornet share an engine, there are a lot of other differences (frame, tank, seat. etc) A Hornet is not just A CBR600 without fairings. Its possible that it was either registered under the wrong category, or the category for CB600 didnt exist at the time of registration?
  4. well done on discovering a lemon mate...you can never be to careful..the kms are a bit of a suprise but these days you jst never know how honest people are when selling bikes. as the guys always say check and check again service history e.t.c if he takes it to the same mechanic all the time call them up and ask them about it..in the end it is you hard earned money so it is wise to spend it wisely :grin:
  5. Good on you for checking. The scumbag selling this thing should be telling any potential buyers that it's a repairable write-off and it should be reflected in the price.

    I agree that a repairable write off isn't always a bad thing ( I bought a repairable written off WRX a few years ago and it has been fantastic, however I paid about 60% of the Red-Book value and whoever I sell it to, will know and pay accordingly)

    Point is, the facility is there to check, so mostly the people you hear about who get their fingers burnt are either apathetic or naive. It's these types of people that these ass-wipes rely on to buy their crap.
  6. thanks for the feedback guys... i feel as though i did the right thing giving it a miss now.

    back on the hornet hunt!
  7. It looks like bodgy handwriting mistakes, the CBR and the mileage thing. Naked CBR600s look well different. I don't think there's any foul play going on.

    Malicious damage is an interesting one. If it was crashed, there'd be potential issues with the frame, suspension, bearings and rims. But if somebody just belted the thing with a cricket bat, pushed it over and slashed the seat up, it's easy to do enough damage to make a new bike a writeoff, and it's quite possible to do an excellent repair job that will leave you with no future issues.

    I wouldn't be too put off if you can't spot any apparent repairs - in fact it might be worth putting in an offer a couple thousand under what you were going to pay. That's what I'd be thinking anyway.
  8. I think you've done the right thing, trusting your instincts and getting out of the sale.

    Don't stress, though. Your bike is just around the corner. :grin:
  9. yep you could be right about the handwriting mistakes but i didnt want to take any chances on my first bike. he wouldnt take a lower price as he had another buyer from NSW who called twice after he'd taken my deposit. unforunately there is a good chance this buyer won't know any of the history to make his own mind up.
  10. This is a great lesson for me, coz I'm looking for my next bike now and would never have thought to do those checks - so thank you for sharing your story!

    One thing though - what is the URL to check the VIN number?

    Ta muchly! :grin:
  11. https://www.autocheck.com.au/

    this is one site... but i think there are a few out there.
    i am in qld so i used the qld transport site.

    i'm sure some of your fellow victorians will be able to give you a link
  12. You can't do that without getting a "VIP" from Vicroads (Vehicle Information Package.)
    Cost about $25 odd dollars and get the result straight away.
    Also, you need the VIN and I think engine number too...

    there's info on www.vicroads.vic.gov.au
  13. This was a very timely post.

    I WAS looking at a SV1000 here in Vic (very recently). No mention of it being a write-off, however the 'new' rego plate and the fact that the guy said he'd only travelled 1500k's since he'd owned it rang alarm bells.......sure enough a 'repairable write-off'

    Wouldn't have minded so much if he had of mentioned it straight up, but it kind of pisses me off that they just wait for you to find out yourself, and tough shit if you don't.

    There should be a law in place where ,as the seller, you MUST disclose this type of information. I'm sure they must have this clause in other countries.(?)
  14. Thanks Grunge, found it easy enough on vicroads site. :)

    Gunna use it for my big purchase!
  15. I would have offered him $4500 and bought it, personally.

    As Loz said, It'd probably easy to kick in the fairings, slash the tyres, seat and key every panel for it to be considered a write-off.
  16. I suspect that in Jan 03 when the odo read 100,000km+ there is a noted damage listing in 03, and the instruments were damaged, so the owner has replaced the instruments with a set showing 10,000km, now 4 years later in 07 it shows 14000km, makes sense to me that the true odometer reading is about 105,000km.