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Buying a bike interstate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. has anyone done this before?
    im just curious on how it works, do you have to register it in that state and then transfer it to your state?

    any advise would be great

  2. You're talking about a brand new one? I wouldn't imagine you'd need to register it twice. You could get it shipped to you unregistered and register it in your state. If you needed to ride it back there's a form and fee for that at the relevant roads office (probably need a permit in both states I guess).
  3. I bought an unregistered bike in Victoria and had it moved to Tas (thanks again, Woz). I bought an unregistered vehicle permit in Vic- it was about $60 for two weeks, which allowed it to be ridden without plates or rego.

    In Tas they issue these as well. Victoria respects unregistered permits from other states.

    You would have to check the laws in the relevant states, obviously.
  4. You buy it unregistered, then when it arrives in your state you get the appropriate paperwork (roadworthy, bill of sale, etc) and register it in your state.

    You're generally not allowed to register a vehicle in a state where you don't live.
  5. bloody state system! another reason to federalise licence related stuff!
  6. It really isn't that hard.
  7. Easy for someone from Albury to say- NSW rules, politicans, police, Victorian TV, sport, water...