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Buying a bike interstate.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by huntersdad, May 19, 2006.

  1. I did a quick forums search, but couldn't really find anything relevant.

    I'm on the hunt at the moment for my first bike, and i've spotted a couple I like in Canberra that are in my price range.
    One of them in particular has rego until April next year.

    What I wanted to know is if I buy it, what's the go with rego?
    I.e. when the bloke signs it over do I then have to re-register it for NSW? Or is it as simple as just paying the stamp duty and rego continues as per normal?
    Am I allowed to ride an ACT registered bike on my NSW learner license?

    I don't know much about this :p

  2. Hey,

    I just did this for a friends bike, which came from Tasmania to Victoria. Not sure if this will be the same for NSW, but...

    1. We had to get the bike Road Worthy and get a saftey certificate $50
    2. VicRoads had to do an inspection $32
    3. Had to pay for a years rego and transfer, plate fee, rego fee $570

    No sure how the transfer works from ACT to NSW, give them a call (NSW roads) and ask how to do the Intersate transfer and what's involved.

    Also what sort of bike is it you are looking at and is it LAMS approved for NSW?

    Hope that helps...
  3. Yeah I might give the RTA a call this afternoon.
    Just thought i'd quiz you guys first to get an idea.

    One's a GSX250. The other's a GS500 (LAMs approved in NSW).
    The GS500 doesn't have as much rego, but is a better bike (also more expensive :p).
  4. Just done it for the GS.

    This is for NSW.

    You get the bike. Make sure you get the following details on the receipt from the seller. His name & address, the bikes rego and engine number, your details and the price paid.

    Now you take the bike to a mechanic who does blue slips. No bike mechanic does this. Get a blue slip. While there double check the mechanic has written down the correct numbers. They are car mechanics, they don't know where the numbers are :)

    Now you go and get a green slip. As it's for a unregistered vehicle, you have to do it in person at NRMA, AAMI etc.

    Now you go to the RTA, with the licence plate from the bike + the receipt + the blue slip + the green slip.

    They check this information, and you go into the system for the lottery of a vehicle check.

    If you're vehicle gets flagged (it's pure random luck) you then have to take it to an RTA station for an identity check. Takes around 3 weeks to get a booking.

    And that's it.

    Took me about 6 hours of running around to get it sorted. And thankfully the lottery didn't flag me.
  5. BTW you can only register an interstate bike if you have an address in that state. Otherwise you are riding around on a bike that isn't registered in your name.
  6. :shock:
    Wow. Sounds like a fair bit of organising.

    Approximately how much more would all that cost?

    Maybe I should keep looking in NSW :LOL:
  7. If you do buy in ACT, I'd be happy to go and get it for you :grin:
  8. Price of stampduty is 3% (from memory) of bike price
    reg fee $49
    motor vehicle tax $47
    std plate issue fee $33.00 (if previous owner has let it lapse & you need new plates)

    Green slip determinded by size of bike
    price for either pink or blue, what ever is needed

    Then your yearly renewal costs will be
    Pink slip
    green slip
    rego ( which includes reg fee & motor vehicle tax )
  9. :grin: Thanks mate. Though if I do get a 250 the ride back would be pretty tedious :(
    I'm gonna have to meet up for coffee with you one of these days!

    Hmmm... that's pretty cheap.
    I guess the most annoying bit will be all the running around and organising of things :p
  10. Hmm, let's see, Melbourne to Canberra via the Hume on a Kawasaki 250 triple two-stroke WAS pretty tedious!

    And YES to the coffee!
  11. I'm thinking of maybe avoiding all of this and taking a closer look at the BMW R65 in Sydney :cool:

    Not that I ever thought of myself as a beemer owner, but the fact that it's a LAMs bike is oh-so appealing :LOL:
  12. Be exactly the same cost as buying an unregistered bike, or a bike with rego about to expire.

    Blue slip is all of $23.

    I took half a day off work to sort it out, but was done in a day.

    There's no charge for license plates if you do the standard ones.

    You are also refunded the remainder of the rego from the previous state if you fill out that paperwork (I didn't bother, it was like $30 - one months rego left).
  13. Which model R65?

    If it's an R65LS or a later monoshock model then grab it.

    The LS is an excellent bike. I originally bought mine as a second bike to put on a red-plate (classic rego) in a year or two but I've found it to be a very good all round bike. To the extent that I've put off buying another bike because I enjoy it so much.

    R65 info at http://www.r65.org/wwwboard/index.html
    R65LS FAQ here

    It's not the fastest :roll: but keeps up on most rides, handles very well indeed and is a good commuter. I've done lots of touring miles and found it a supremely comfortable tourer.

    The only real problem with R65's is that they are a little underbraked by current standards (the twin discs on the LS are a little better though) but this can be overcome pretty easily.

  14. Also one bit of advice for re-registering a bike into your name. This will apply whether you buy the bike locally or interstate. Always put the value of the bike as low as you can go. The last 2 bikes I have registered into my name I have put in at about 30% of the market value. So far neither time did the officer pull out a guide of any sort to check. Seems they know less and care less about bikes cos I once tried this with a car and the glasses guide came out.
    P.s I get a receipt from the buyer but create my own for rego. You can scribble anything you want really cos they don't check signatures etc if the bike is not reported as stolen.

    Oh yeah Bikes Only is the best transport co for bikes in OZ that I have found. There's a link to them here i the "links" section :)
  15. the problem with that is that it gets recorded and if you want an insurance claim on the bike, they can use it as a good excuse to pay you only what you paid for it, even if agreed value is stamped on the policy.