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Buying a bike interstate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I notice that bikes in QLD and VIC are a bit cheaper that bikes in Sydney, so I am wondering whats involved with bringing a bike in from another state. What are the costs involved in putting a new plate on the bike? Are the laws different for each of the states? Is it worth it?

  2. The only expense outside of actually shipping the bike, is the stamp duty:
    Payment for registration, including stamp duty (3% of the vehicle's purchase price
    Thats not bad if you can pick up an interstate bargain.
  3. I bought my bike from Queensland (I'm in Vic). The reg will be no use, so there may be another saving to be made on top of a cheaper bike (seller can cash remainder in). A roadworthy certificate (or the nsw equivalent) will also be of no use, so just get it done in your state.

    Other than that, there are no extra issues when it comes to registering it, just be sure that it has a clear title.

    If you're looking at using a bike freight service, shop around, some are absolute rip-offs.
  4. So what are you looking at getting Spud??
  5. Thanks for the advice Cammo. Did you buy the bike without seeing it or did you get a mate or a pay a mechanic to check it out for you QLD?

    Pete, I am moving toward a VTR1000F, ideally no more than 3 years old. They are lovely bikes, and seem to be very reasonably priced, and a lot of them seem to have the aftermarket exhausts on them already.
  6. Noice mate, Nioce.

    Got a mate who rides one. Very tidy piece of work they are..
  7. Best way to move it is find someone heading that way and see if your bike can catch a lift back. I think im heading north in about 2 mths if that helps
  8. Spud, I bought the bike having only seen photos. It was from a dealer, so a little less risky than buying private (some may argue that!).

    I suppose the main risk that I was looking out for was that the milage was genuine, so asked them to take some snaps of some tell tale areas.

    I didn't really think it was a big deal buying it without viewing it (it was perhaps an above average example), but judge each model on its own merit. Firestorms have a good solid reputation so start from there.