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Buying A Bike In Another State

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aimre, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    Im thinking of buying a bike from Victoria, as bikes here in NSW are cost too much. Can any people offer advice, experiance, opinions etc on the whole exercise.

    I will drive down there in the company car (Free Fuel), Unfortunatly, i got no tow ball, so i cant tow it up, I do on the 4wd, but have to pay fuel + trailer hire, so im thinking of getting a company to transport it up here. I have emailed for a few quotes, but if n e one has experiance, know whos cheapest etc, it would be of great help

    Also my understanding is, once it gets here, i need a blue slip (Around $50) then just rego.

    Thanks for any more info

  2. There are some transport companies in the links section (on the left of screen)
    That's where I looked recently for my VTR sale that's now in Sydney.

    I just used motorbiketransport.com.au and they were good to deal with and I believe good value between Melbourne & Sydney. (it was less than $350 including insurance)

    can't hurt to get a few quotes.

  3. If you have a few days to spare, sometimes getting a flight down and riding it home is both cheaper and far more fun :)
  4. Buying a bike into NSW is worse value then it seems on the surface due to green slip costs.

    blue slips are only around $30, rego $150 odd but green slips are around $500.

    So you need to add $700 to any interstate purchase on top of any transport and/or air fair cost.

    It's also hard to negotiate with someone once you've committed to picking the bike up.
  5. Driving down is free. Transport up is about $350 Door-to-Door, though one of us may ride it up.

    Its a 250 so greenslip is like $200

    But, before i commit to this and go down there. What should i be askin this bloke? I got some high res pics. Gonna ask for engine number etc to do a revs check (whats the victoria equivalent?)

    Or does any one wanna look at it for me, ill pay you. Its in Endeavor hills, Melb

    EDIT: Just did a Vic Roads wehicle status check. All turned out fine. No money owing, never written off