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Buying a bike in a different state

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jez79, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone could point me in the right direction for info on buying a bike in another state and transferring reg to VIC? its either that or info on how to tackle the auctions...

  2. You have to get up there, decide you want it and ride it back, or get back somehow. Or get someone else to look at it and buy it on their advice.

    Then get safety certificates and re-register in your own state.

    All in all, allow $1000-1500 to go throguh all that crap, so it needs to be very cheap to make it worthwhile
  3. yep, its good having friends in the right places

    yep depends on the situation

    if you get the cheap flight and take the nice roads home then the trip isnt all that exxy, of course there is always freight around $350

    depending on the bike if the rego is short anyway then its only a $350 extra on the bike cost as you need rego anyway and of course would negotiate on the fact that there is bugger all rego anyway
  4. And pay for safety certificate (usually $50 or so), and the inevitable pointless repairs (such as 0.0001mm too thin discs), number plates, get d1cked around by transport department, time off work etc.

    I seriously considered it for both the car and bike - but you need to buy form the right spot - for instance scoring a ducati in Sydney is way easier than brisbane, so that makes sense.
  6. Dunno about Victoria, but I bought an unrego'd, economic write off from NSW, shipped it over to WA, fixed it and re-rego'd it here.

    It was easy and I'm several thou to the good over what I'd have paid here for anything remotely comparable.

    I'd do it again any time.

    Mind you, anything secondhand in WA is (in my experience, which is not comprehensive) generally stratospherically overpriced and fit only for scrap.
  7. Victoria is normally one of the cheapest places to buy a bike in Melbourne (unless it's a sports 250cc). Why bother importing? Unless it's something really unusual, that is...
  8. Yeah I always thought Victoria have high priced bikes.. :(
  9. Or expensive and rare.

    $1500 isn't a lot if one is looking at a 2nd hand $25000 bike :)
  10. Not sure about the "fit only for scrap" bit, but I agree 100% with the "overpriced" bit. For the cheap end of the market, I calculate we here in WA pay up to $2k more than the east coast; for the top end, about $6k or $7k.

    Case in point: Late model FJR1300, <20k on the clock, all the fruit, at a Perth northern suburbs dealer = $19 990 --- same model (same colour), 24k on the clock, all the fruit, at a Melbourne dealer = $13 990.

    That's a big difference. Makes it worthwhile to fly over and ride back .....
  11. In my experience, a bike from outside Victoria will need Vic RWC to get registered. I bought a bike in NSW with a pink slip and still needed Vic RWC. In my case, I saved about 20% on a 250cc by buying in NSW.
  12. thumbsup.

    Nah man. Depends whos doing it & condition of bike.

    RWC was about $75 & took about 15mins.

    * Visual check of brake pads, tyres
    * Checked if lights, indicators, horn & beams were working

    If bikes in good nic, there wont be any additional costs.

    Issue of plates is under $19. Only other costs is stamp duty & registration.

    Transport from Qld was $550 (from memory).

    Thats about it.
  13. Fair enough BIWOZ. Like I said, it's only my own experience.

    But I do seem to have spent an awful lot of time following up promising ads etc. only to trek anything up to 100 km and find myself looking at overpriced rubbish. Not just vehicles either.

    I used to have some professional involvement in vehicle standards and roadworthiness too and I remained deeply unimpressed by the general standard of the vehicles that I saw.

    And don't get me started on standards of "professional" workmanship.....
  14. My brother is picking my bike up soon. Coming from Sydney to Melbourne.
    Seeing as it's considered an interstate purchase(not really as he wont be paying for it) will I need to provide a RWC for him or does he get a blue slip instead before rego in NSW?
  15. You will need a Victorian RWC to get Victorian registration.
  16. bike is heading up to sydney.
    so its a blue slip then?
    I just need to have papers done here then right?
  17. Opps, my bad. Sounds correct, have you tried NSW RTA website?
  18. About to head to Vic Roads now to confirm everything.