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buying a bike from another state

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Raie, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. hi all.

    i was wondering what difficulties i would need to go through if i were to buy a bike from say VIC and i'm in NSW? It seems that vtr250s in VIC are at least 1k cheaper than in NSW and i'm trying to figure out what i would need to do - i have been told that i have to redo my rego as i can't use the vic rego here. has anyone done it before?

  2. i did the opposite and all i had to do was keep the rego until it ran out, get a roadworthy for it and then take it to RTA who viewed it and gave me a new plate etc and rego sticker.
    If u get a bike with rego left on, dont cancel it, just ride it until your near running out, as you dont get the same refund etc , and why give those bas%^$ds any more money than they deserve
  3. what do you mean by you did the opposite? did you buy from nsw and ship to vic? all i have to do is find someone to inspect the bike and pay for it and then if i pay for delivery it's all good? thanks.
  4. yes. i got mine in parramatta, got it down here, theres a guy who does a run and brings yr bike up, it was $180 , which isnt bad as it would cost you more to do it yourself.
    got it here, rode for 3 months., went and got a rwc, booked rta , bought new rego , done. away. its when they are a total loss you have probs. keep all paperwork!!
  5. i have been reading other threads on here and people have been saying that you have to transfer rego do blue slip etc etc... but they were not from vic to nsw.. is it different for vic and nsw cause we're so close? i've seen vic bikes in nsw and i see other state cars in nsw so i don't see why i can't ride a vic bike in nsw right? i am concerned about how to transfer the money and the entitlement to the bike. there are services who do inspections and deliver...

    you said you got your bike delivered from NSW to VIC for $180?!?
  6. yep. $180 bought up or shld say down and delivered to my door.!
    rego in NSW is diff from Victoria. its far more expensive, and yes you have to get blue slips etc which i dont know the full details.
    Im sure if you ring yr rta and ask them direct, whats involved etc, or do what other people do. and that is,...you ring them and say "ive moved up to nsw now and ive bought my vic bike, how do i re register it, and they will tell u...done.
  7. yeah i'll give rta a ring tomorrow. what service did you use to deliver your bike? did you get someone to inspect it? and how did you end up transferring the money and registration over?
  8. i new a bit about the bikes and i organied to get picked up.once it got picked up the money was paid . the service i used, was just a guy in a van who does it for a job. when he dropped mine off, he had 3 other bikes in it as well.
    the transfer was how i said. just rode it out, a week to go rang up, got a rwc booked in with rta who inspected to see engine numbers etc were all the same, gave me new plates, put them on, and off i went...
    if u want the guys number who deliveres the bike, you can call him and he will tell u his run and fit in from there. depending on were it may be a diff charge. i can have a look to see i still have it. id use him again, nice bloke and then just paid him when he dropped the bike off
  9. just spoke to a very nice lady from rta and clarified the things i need to do a few times over:
    1. must register the vehicle under NSW registration within 14 days of purchasing the vehicle (not sure how they will check that though)
    2. to register i must get a blue slip, ctp greenslip and pay 3% stamp duty and buy a new plate for $38 and $108 for a one year registration. If there is rego and ctp left on the vehicle, RTA will provide me some document that i can take to VIC roads to get what rego and ctp is left, refunded to me.
    3. take green slip, blue slip and proof of purchase to rta and pay the fees above.

    sounds pretty simple! now it's time to find a bike i want and get it inspected and delivered!!! if i can get a vic bike for around 4k, it'll probably be around 5k by the time it gets to me fully registered. still better than buying in nsw i reckon!
  10. if the date of your reciept of purchase is not within 14 days the RTA will add a fine to your rego.
    mate of mine had a vic learners and bought bike in nsw lived in nsw and they wouldnt rego the bike in nsw because they wont recognise the paper slip from vic. So he had to wait till his plastic card rocked up then goes to change rego into his name and they pinged him for not doing it within 14 days. were allowed to have a vic license with Nsw rego cause of defence. RTA hate us
  11. does that mean i can't buy it until i get my learners? am i not allowed to buy a vehicle i am not licenced to ride? hmmm think i better call rta again...