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Buying a bike from a rider school

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Alasdair86, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Good evening folks and hi! I have been lurking for a few months. Guess my name and what year I was born!


    I got my L's a few weeks ago. Can't say I was fantastic. I'd read the 'buy a piece of sh*t' post some months ago which recommended doing exactly that given how likely you are to drop it. (I am very likely to do this). Now, if you accept the massive, massive conflict of interest present in this scenario, I'd love an opinion.

    I have been thinking of something like a CB250 since reading the POS post (I also like the look of them, and parallel twins). On bikesales.com, they range from around 2500 to 4000 grand.

    Rider school guy asked me what I would likely get for a first bike. I explained the CB250 thing, and he pointed out that he had a few he was looking to get rid of that had done the learner rider thing at his school. Not registered, a bit scratched, but only around 16k on the clock and a firm $1500 if I'm interested.

    Good deal? How much are they likely gonna be to roadworthy? How will the engines likely cope at speeds above the 60kph they're likely to have not topped in their previous application.

    Are CB250's Actually complete rubbish?

    On the complete flipside, I was bike shopping after work today and seeing a $50 a week sticker on a shiny new F6N when I'm saving $300 is sort of tempting also, especially when you're sitting on it looking at those shiny dials...

    Love to hear your thoughts, especially if anyone else has gone down a similar route or had a CB250.

  2. Which model CB250?

    Remember you'll have to roadworthy and reg it at probably $6-700. If it's an oldy that may not end up being all that much cheaper - however they should likely have been well maintained. Dropped a lot ;) But maintained.

    As a side note, I rode an 80's CB250 across the city today in the latter half of the morning peak. Whilst it brought back memories of a decade ago, it was also a bit freaky... the utter lack of power and braking ability would make me think at a few bills more a well loved GPX or VTR would be a much more confidence instilling learner bike.
  3. First thing you gotta do is multiply the $50 by the number of weeks. It will be a very expensive F6N. Finance is very tempting, but you'll be paying an arm and a couple of legs for the convenience.
  4. @ Phojomark = pretty sure it would be one of the newer ones. Late 90's very early noughties. The early 90's ones have dodgy stickers on them.
  5. @ Seedy - was kind of just dreaming, but at the same time there was always the idea of buying something that I was going to be less likely to want to get rid of after I'm off my P's.
  6. Geez, The 'ol cibbies aren't THAT bad! Ok, they're not the 'coolest' ride on the planet but they're a damn good starter.

    I'm on my 'L's' and ride a '99 CB250. Ok, I get dragged off at the lights by cement trucks but it has been great for teaching me the gentle art of gear changes, breaking, leaning, cornering....every aspect about riding. It's the sort of bike you upgrade 'from' & not 'to'. Plus as it has a few scratches & dings, so if I drop it I won't pull out whats left of my hair as if I dropped a shiny new XVS650.

    At first it feels like a rocket, but after a while you'll notice that you need a little more 'oomph', but you'll apreciate the easiness of the cibbie to get you started. If I were you, I'd make sure to buy one that is registered etc. Save a lot of frigging around. I picked mine up from EvilBay for $1600.
  7. Totally understandable. Have a look at some of the FZ6Ns on Bikepoint, you can pick up an 05 / 06 ish one with low k's for 5-6 grand. I'd hate to think what a new one bought on finance would cost in the long run... but I'd be guessing it could be as high as 15 grand or so. Check the ads that run during the motogp for GSXRs and Blades... they quote the weekly payment price in massive lettering then right at the end in tiny print it's like 22 grand or something.

    Worst case scenario is if you lock into finance then trash the bike... you could be out of pocket big time even after an insurance payout.

    Not saying don't do it... just saying do it with your eyes open and fully aware of all the facts and payout clauses.
  8. the advantage of a cheap cb250 is you can keep it as a commuter after you get a bigger bike. might want to get it checked out though. things like new tyres and chain/sprockets can cost a bit. even a service isn't cheap. where are you?
  9. it's a cb250 dude lol, i'm sure he can learn how to service it himself.
  10. I can't imagine anyone actually liking the look of the CB250 :LOL:

    However they are a good little bike for what they are. They are pretty straightforward in their mechanics so are fairly reliable. Pretty much underpowered. Haven't ridden Liz's for a while now but on a 100 kph road you are looking for extra gears which aren't there. They can get up to about 120kph in the right circumstances but also given an uphill run or a strong headwind, they can also struggle to hit 100 kph.

    Liz took hers around Tassie and the only trouble she had was the lack of power for overtaking. But then most 250's would be in a fairly similar situation.

    As said above, a riding school CB is likely to have been knocked about a bit but should be otherwise OK. Possible exception is the clutch as most learners give the clutch a hard time and multiple learners are likely to give it a continual hard time.

    However if it seems OK and that is what you were thinking of anyway, go for it.
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm in St Kilda East (traffic, tram tracks, intersections everywhere - great territory for a leaner) and it would primarily be a replacement for the tram or the train so not having heaps of power shouldn't be a concern - was probably going to have bought a little 125 or 150 but on weekends I usually hit the eastern fwy and head to Warrandyte. Plus driving around that area, the dandenongs, Yarra Glen etc, so on and seeing everyone out on their sportsbikes and the MotoGP had me daydreaming of a sportier option. I'm sort of undecided, maybe I should test ride different bikes across a range of powerplants and budgets (I'd probably not want to go higher than maybe 7 or 8 grand max, no more than about 4-5 if I'm going to get something different once I'm off my L's.) and make a decision.