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Buying a bike after many years away from it

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by oldmanriver, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Ok getting my licence again after many years not riding.
    Im an old fart now and want to buy a Harley.
    Now the question.
    I've seen Harleys on ebay for under 10 grand, Sports, are they any good? Or do you get what you pay for? Are they clapped out pices of crap? Or is it just that model that is cheap in the second hand market?
    Any replies greatly appreciated.

  2. A few mates of mine ride harly's and from what ive observed stay away from old ones, unless your a mechanic or like fixing them all the time.

    My mechanic suggested to me if i was to buy one not to buy anthying before 2000 model as reliability issues are common, apparently after 2000 they get better.

    If your not sure on a particular bike you like get a bike inspection done, cost a couple hundred dollars but piece of mind.

    I think sportster are $11 grand brand new anyway.

    Be sure to test ride a few jap bikes , they do ride like rolls royces in comparo to a harly. Goodluck. :LOL:
  3. Welcome to netrider

    Whilst there are more than two models of Harleys - there are basically the BIG ones and the Sportsters. An analogy would be say a Vectra/Astra to a Commodore - there are two engines within the Sportster range the 883 and 1200

    Sportsters are a good entry/return to riding level bike. Within the Sportster range they have Cruiser style as well as more "roadster" styled.

    The Sporsters hold their value really well, so try and test ride a couple at a dealer and then what style you're after.

    The major change was in 2004, when the engines became rubber mounted, making for a smoother more massaging vibration as opposed to a bit more buzz on the 2003 and earlier models
  4. Don't know shit about Harleys .. but Welcome Aboard !! :biker:
  5. Usually, no.
    No, you always get less with HD. If you did get what you pay for, many companies/shops that specialise in making Harley better/decent will go out of biz.
    I would have to say yes.

    883 is $h!t. Its handling is a joke; if you try to change direction, you will hear something scraping almost immediately. I reckon my push bike has much better suspension than that piece of junk. As for the engine, it redefines the term, gutless.

    Please stay away from 883.
  6. You haven't ridden a Royal Enfield have you? :LOL:
  7. the 883 becomes a 1200 easily and cheaply.
  8. ok tks for the responses. Guess its midlife crisis or something but I really like the idea of a Harley now compared to when I used to ride 15 years ago and it was the sports bikes and high speed that I was after.
    Maybe I'll need to increase my budget if the old Hogs over 5 years old are as crap on road as I expect they probably are.
  9. OMR,
    Welcome to Netrider,Have you considered a MotoGuzzi California 1100? Theres always a few on bikepoint & bikesales sites for about 10k.
    I bought a '98 Guzzi California back in 2001,after nine years away from bikes.'Loved it :grin:
    From '98 onwards they have EFI,tubeless stainless rims,Brembo Goldline brakes & are dead easy to service yourself,...they're very reliable and theres a lot of info & support on the 'net. :grin:
    And fitted with good rubber like Bridgestone Battlaxes (which fit these narrow rims) handle & stop like a naked Jap bike.seriously. :twisted:
    Btw,If you still wanna stay with HD,take a Buell for a spin :twisted:
    my pick in the HD stable.
  10. Welcome

    If you become a HD (Harley Davidson) rider you may not wish to associate with us Jap bike riders. Do you have any mates with Harleys? Anyway there'll be plenty on this site.

    I haven't owned a Harley, not my style. But you get a lot of attention on them, they are very "cool" looking. I understand from what I read that if you are not a mechanic a HD will help you build your skills in that area.

    Do a search on Harley and I expect you'll find a lot of useful info

    Good on you for using this site as one of your resources in your search
  11. the sportsters are nice my suggestion is to spend the extra dollars and buy new least u get warranty, the 883 has a really bad re-sale value so i would stick with the 1200, u might wanna upgrade again later down the track
  12. thanks will probably go a 1200 although I heard the 883 can be easily upgraded with a mod kit to make it 1200. Looking at 2nd hand but want after 2004 so it has the rubber engine mounts, wouldnt mind the screaming eagle and some chrome also but might be a big ask for 2nd hand cheap so might have to upgrade later. The bare bones 883 is 14k which is pushing the budget a bit.