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Buying a 2nd hand VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Andy111, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Hey all.
    So ive just got my learners licence and am looking at buying a secondhand vtr250. Love the look of them and from all the research ive done they sound like great bikes.
    Would I be better off going for a newer less k's bike eg. '06 @ 11000k for $5000 or would it be better to go for an older one '01 @ 30000k for around $3800?
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Offer the guy $4k for the 06 one
  3. IMO service history is more important than kms or age. For me, the 06 would be better there as they have a tachometer, the pre 04 do not.
  4. Cheers for the replies, im going to have a look at both, try to talk them down a bit... my max amount is about 4 grand... then get a full service regardless of the service history. How much would a service on a vtr be? Under $500? Of course depending on parts needed etc...
  5. Dunno about service costs I always DIY as my bike is worthless due to a few drops etc.
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  6. if you went to Peter Stevens, they'd charge you about $250-270. Be it a CB125e or CB400, and your VTR should sit somewhere in between.

    I'm sure some of the other workshops would do it for even cheaper.

    If you were to DIY, oil would cost $30, tops, and maybe $15 for an oil filter.

    This is not a car where you need jack and jack stands, and even then it's not too difficult on most cars, for a simple oil change.