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Buying a 2nd hand Street Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by richseventysix, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Hi there, am new to the forum, and was wondering if anyone out there could give me a little advice. Am looking to pick up a 2nd hand '09 Street Triple and really not sure what to ask / look for? Have spoken to the owner and he seems like a genuinely nice fella -
    Heres the Ad -

    For a triple are the K's a bit high? How does the price fair etc Are there specific questions I should be asking about this bike for it's year / model ?

    Thanks in advance - Ad below -

    - richseventysix

    Bike: 2009 Triumph Street Triple R
    Price: $8600
    Odometer : 24,000 km
    Reg: 6 Months

    Road Worthy Cert: Yes

    Easily the best bike on the page, and exceptional value with all the extras including. Gell Seat. Megacycle Exhaust System that ads an extra 10HP. Ventura rack and bags. Fly screen with extra mounted Triumph Wind shield and Belly pan, all original Triumph accessories. Yep what a bike.!! Read all the reviews and you will find that these are the most fun you can have on two wheels. They are a natural progression for anyone coming off their LAMS and wanting to take the next step into motorcycling. You don't need a bike that's a 1000CC when this thing accelerates just as quick. Stops quicker, Handles better, Turns in harder and weights half as much. Sure they might have a bit more top end but lets face it, when can you actually use it. Unless of course on track days..which equals about 2% of all your motorcycle riding. Not only does this thing fly around the track it's also perfect to ride home afterwards. It's also the perfect commuter.
    Why am I selling it... because i have just ridden the new one. There is not much difference but I can get with the colour I want.
    This bike has never been dropped and has been garaged all of its life. Oh yes, The Service History,. Well there is only one man that knows everything about Triumphs and that is 'Charlie' from Turn One Kensington. He knows the bike and has done all of the servicing from day one.
    Sad to see it go because I have really looked after it and I really love this bike..and that's why i want to get another. Come and check it out YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
  2. 8600 for a 2009 trumpy? The world has gone mad.

    The most I'd pay is 7000. But i'm a tight arse.

    10hp increase! ha ha ha sureeeee.. maybe if you throw a cam in it. :)

    24000km is not a lot for the trumpies.

    Has it had the R/R replaced?

    Does it have chicken strips?

    Does it make clickity clackity sounds around the cam chain tensioner area?

    If it's been serviced it'll be good for many many more hard kilometers. :) Enjoy
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  3. You just know any ad that starts with "best one available" or similar and 24,000 ks on an 09 for a way inflated price means the seller is an absolute flogger
  4. compare the ad / bike with others
  5. #5 Vertical C, Aug 20, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2014
    $8600 will buy you so many better bikes

    How the fcuk does an exhaust add 10hp anyway,?
  6. one thing i've noticed with street triples is second hand prices are insane... 5 year old bikes and people still asking 10k

    i guess being such a popular bike they command these sorts of prices but its still not right.

    hopefully by the time i save enough for one they'll be cheaper!
  7. Pay abit extra and get a speed triple
  8. Knock a thou and a half off of the price, and that would be fair deal.

    And have the seller put original exhaust back on.
  9. I can't speak for the Street, but the carbon exhaust on the 955s gave that and more over the standard exhaust. The standard exhaust was pretty restrictive however, and you'd think Triumph would have it better sorted on these later model bikes.

    Reading the ad, it reads like he's full of shit and I wouldn't buy a bike off him. Can't comment on the value proposition, but that's easy to check as all the sales sites have filter functions.
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  10. I have that same bike and done 40,000Km's and she hasn't shown one bit of wear and tear. If it's been looked after she's good to go. Regulator/ rectifier was recalled and the indicators housing that's it. A couple other recalls for 07 - 08 non R model. Mine will see 100,000 I'm sure. We don't worry about 24,000km on a modern car we are stoked and that's considered "brand new". I don't think we need to worry about high (relative) k's on modern bikes as much as we used to as long as it's been looked after.

    You can look for rust between the headlamps, rust under the mirrors, rust around the grill, which might give you an indication where it's been stored. A bit of rust in these spots is normal unfortunately. Look for scrapes on the pillion foot rests because if this bike goes down this is what hits first and takes most of the impact/ slide. Also the engine cases will touch. So I've heard anyway :) .
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  11. I don't agree with the others here on price. I spent ages looking for a cheap Street Triple second hand and that price is similar to what I found for that year and mileage. The cheapest R on Bikesales atm is $8400. You might think it is unreasonable but if that is what the market will bear then that's what you're going to have to pay.

    The mileage wouldn't be a problem for me if it's been looked after. I have a 2014 Street Triple with 10,000 already.

    I heard older Striples have R/R and stator problems so ask about that.

    The ad is very used salesperson like though.
  12. NO!!!

    The Street Triple is a far better bike
  13. Thanks everyone, Agreed - 2nd hand prices for a bike this old are pretty high, but for some reason the STriple's seem to hold them. Have looked about on the sale sites, but can't seem to find anything for much less -

    So have looked at the bike, checked it out and taken the plunge!

    Thanks everyone for all your comments and advice -

    Hope to be a regular here on the Forum! RC
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  14. Cool! Have fun on your new bike :)
  15. Hi there, just bought a 2nd hand 09 street triple and the battery died on me within 40 mins, not sure if it was a dud - but i suspect after researching it is a problem with the R/R and possibly the Stator as well - I'm not the most confident at doing these things and was looking at replacing the parts myself.

    Has anyone had similar problems with this bike, or replaced these parts themselves?

    Looking for advice, assistance.

  16. Ahahaha, yep. Spot on.

    OP, it's time to go meet Charlie over at turn one....
  17. So this morning I erred on the side of caution and went to Charlie at Turn 1, terrific fella - ran the tests and gave the bike the all clear. Was familiar with the bike too, the previous owner had used Charlie to service the bike. Turns out the only problem I had was a dud battery!
  18. Good news.
    Does the bike have a documented service history? At 24K's i'd be wanting to see some stamps in the book - or see if your new mate Charlie will stamp the book if he's done the work on it?

    Not that it matters to you so much, but if you wanted to flick it off later some supporting history would be good.