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Buying a 2nd hand bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tarsh, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    In Victoria, what are the steps involved in buying a second hand bike in a private sale?

    what paperwork is involved and who pays for what?

    what are good things to do (such as getting it inspected or not)?


  2. You're moving to NSW yes? Wait, and go LAMS up here!
    If you don't know much about bikes, I'd get the ones you really want t buy after looking at them inspected,. even at private sale. I'd have no problem with it if it was my bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Hi Tarsh, would recommend you ask the seller about anything they know thats faulty eg. dropped, repaired write off, last major+minor service, any engine problem etc. If you inspect it take someone along cause 4 eyes are better than 2 :cool:

    If the bike is going to another state you will need to get a Road worth certificate/Blue slip (NSW) in-order to register the bike. This is an inspection by an authorised mechanic and if the bike is an import a consumer information notice will be needed from the ACCC, but they will fax a copy to the mechanic if requested. You can ask the seller to consider the cost of this its about 50 bucks all up should be less.

    Greenslip in needed as well to register the bike depending which insurance company you go to. Think its about $250 depending on age and experience.

    Registration at the Roads and Traffic Authority/ Vic Roads its about 200 bucks depending on capacity of the bike + stamp duty.

    Try to include the price of these into the final agreed value.
  4. Hi Tarsh,

    In Victoria when you privately buy a secondhand bike all you need is a roadworthy certificate (RWC) and a transfer form to get it registered in your name. If the bike is currently registered then ideally you get the seller to obtain the RWC (costs about $50 for the inspection). When you collect the bike the seller gives you the RWC and the two of you fill in your details on the transfer form. As the new owner you take the RWC and the transfer form to VicRoads, pay the stamp duty on the sale and you are done :grin: If the bike was sold with current registration then you don't even pay any rego, the remaining rego is simply transferred to you. In Victoria we do not have slips of any colour, blue, green, purple, whatever. That is a NSW thing as far as I know. We do not have annual roadworthy inspections in Victoria for cars or bikes.

    If you buy a bike without a RWC you are responsible for getting one. It is easiest to get the seller to obtain it prior to you collecting the bike, so when haggling, make sure you say, for example, "I'll give you $3500 for it with a roadworthy." You don't want to buy a bike without a RWC, especially as a noob, and then find out that the bike needs $500 of work to get it in roadworthy condition.

    If the bike you buy is unregistered it can't be registered without a valid RWC.

    Good idea to call the VicRoads hotline to check that the bike is not stolen or under finance. Get the rego, engine and chassis numbers off the bike in question for this.