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Buying a 250cc Learner Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jate, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just got my L's last weekend, so now i have the fun task of going shopping for a bike and I wanted some thoughts as I'm so new to the motorbiking world.

    I think from the research I've done, I've pretty much narrowed it down to:
    - Honda CBR250RR (seems very common)
    - Kawasaki ZX-2R Ninja (incling towards this one)
    - Kawasaki ZZR-250 (everyone seems to recommend this one but I dont like the look of it)
    - Hyosung GT250R (not sure about the Hyosung brand???)

    Q1) What are your opinions on the bikes I've listed above?

    Q2) Where is a good place to shop? Sumoto seem to have heaps of bikes, but everyone on forums tell me to stay away from them

    Q3) What is considered high in terms of kms for a bike. (for eg. I wouldn't buy a car with kms higher than 100,000km) but bikes seem to be around the 30,000-40,000 mark? Similarly all the 250cc bikes are all early 90's models. is that too old?

    Anyway, I would love to hear about any of your thoughts or opinions.


  2. If your in NSW then also look at the LAM bikes, you will have a much greater choice.
    If you post where your from it will also help people to reccomend places to check out :)
  3. As Wedge said if your in NSW check out a couple of the bigger learner legal bikes. Although I assume your in Victoria as you were considering Sumoto's (which you aren't considering any more right? :) )

    But as far as 250's go, they are all pretty much of similar specs. So in the end sit on a few, and it will come down to personal preference.

    As for rules of thumb for bike to by, the newer the better. This means they will have been thrashed less. Also less km's mean less opportunities to be dropped. Finally as people start out on 250's they are less clued in as to how to care for a bike. So again one with less k's and fewer years would be better.

    This is not to say that all 250's are trashed, there are people that take great pride in looking after their first bike, and if a bike is older then 40,000 k's there is no reason why it wouldn't run almost like new if it has been services and cared for properly.

    It comes down to budget as well, if you can afford a newer bike go for it, but if you don't quite have the cash there are some bikes out there that will serve you VERY well even if they have 30,000k's on the clock.

    Oh and before I finish up hear... have you thought about the Yammie FZR 250?
  4. Parts are way expensive and hard to find for an FZR (ask ktulu) if` its just a first shitter t o learn on and build up your skills, then i'd get a cbr, there are millions of them around and the parts are plentifull and cheap as chips.

    and they go just as hard as the fzr so.

    I know its a whore of a bike (everyone's had a ride) but who cares,
  5. on the sumoto side of things, i have used the place well to try out different bikes, not to ride etc, just to get up and on them, crawl around and look at all the bits etc, see how they feel, i found it really interesting after going in with an open mind towards any sort off bike, as to which felt the best for my body and ride poistion etc...
    on the 250 option.. road trail is always there as well, if your into a little dirt always good, if your able to run two bikes, agressive road trail for L and P's then strip it down for off road action when upgrading to a larger road bike etc down the track.... and motard rocks.... either way have fun!!
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  7. i've got a 650 hyosung... I love it!!

    there's lots of stuff on here about the hyos if you do a search. they did seem to have a few probs when they were starting out in australia (tho they've been building bikes for over 25 years), but by all accounts the new 06 models appear to be all good.
  8. Sumoto has heaps of CBRs that they patch up and paint all pretty, then charge you $1000+ over other dealers because of that, and even then you'll find well fixed up ones at many dealers.
    Compare prices. Test-ride dealer bikes, then consider private sales.

    The ZX2R is great fun and fairly predicable to ride. I almost bought one! ...CBR was cheaper.

    CBR for me is more sensitive on the throttle - great now, but not sure how I would have been early days.

    I started with an Across - Heavier than other 250s, but easy to ride and got excellent storage.

    I was advised against Hyosong as it would have poor re-sale value. Not sure how accurate this is.

    I rang up about an Across and the dealer said it had done 86000km. Even he advised me against it! Said it was to old and I wouldn't be able to sell it when the time came - if it lasted at all.

    ...You've got to feel comfortable and be proud of the bike you're on.
  9. I would have thought that if you're in an area with 250 restrictions you'd be able to resell a 250 quite well.... you'd hope so anyway eh!!!!!! ;)

    there's been a few 250 hyos on ebay recently and reports (form other hyo riders i know) say they've sold for a good price.

    here here :applause:
  10. From your list I assume you have your heart set on a faired bike? I don't blame you, but bear in mind that means expensive plastics bits to break if you drop it. If you would consider a naked bike, then a VTR250 all the way.

    I would vote for the Hyo personally - for the prices that some of those other bikes change hands, you could almost get a new Hyo, with a 2 year warranty. Compared to the risk of rolling the dice on a 10 year old resprayed grey import Jap bike, that peace of mind could be handy.
  11. Don't diss the Across so readily - I knew of one that had done 150,000km (original engine) and still going strong!

    The one I'm selling has 40,000 on it, country km's and had never missed a beat. As for looks, still gorgeous. So it is all really dependant on the bike itself, not just the brand and year. Also, I would rather have something like mine with mostly open road km's, than one with less but city commuting km's.

    Food for thought....
  12. Another thing you'll notice if you buy a 2fiddy from a dealer is all km hover around 18,000km. I doubt that these are real km for 2fiddys.

    Also an Across is just as new as other 2fiddys around. An Across is an official import while other bikes are complianced '02, '03, etc. Other bikes are just more common, not newer.
  13. i'd recommend the cbr250rr or the zxr250(zx2r) and get the C model if you can. they are not only looking better, they are more fun to ride and you won't get bore quickily
  14. I had more or less the same dilemma when I started looking a couple of years back.

    * CBR - I didn't like the look of, and they were too common
    * ZZR - Sports tourer, decided I wanted just a sports 250
    * ZX2 - Bit more unique (there are more around lately though)

    I ended up with the ZX2, and I'd probably get it again if I had to go through the whole thing again. Once I got some fresh tyres on it, through the twisties (although slower than any decent sized engine bike) it was nice and nippy, in the right gear, pretty responsive too and kept me confident.

    There probably wont be much difference in these bikes performance wise, so get the one you like the feel/look of best.
  15. I still rate my Hyo as a great 250.

    re sale value over here in Perth certainly appears to be very good.
  16. I was in the same predicament some 9 months ago - ended up with the honda CBR RR, for the following reasons,

    1. most popular and common of the 250 sports going round. Very easy to find parts and service maintain etc.

    2. great handling, brakes and zip for a small bike of its age,

    3. Probably got the best re-sale / trade in value compared to the other sports bikes mentioned.

    Have not looked back since and have friends who ride all of the above mentioned 250's - I would like to support the comment already made, that when it comes to your final decision, its more a choice of your personal prefrence, re comfort, looks, $$$$ etc.

    Good Luck

    P.S - No need to rush into your purchase, good bikes come up all the time and please dont go wasting $8k at Sumoto, save it for your leathers!!!!
  17. I got myself a CBR250RR and im very happy with it.
  18. I have an A model and my mate has a C model.

    I would have agreed with you about the look of the bikes, C being the better. However as time goes on i like the look of the A much much more than the C.
    The A also has a slightly higher arse end making it look a lot bigger on the road.

    Forget the FZR, my wife has one and its great for her, feels just like a CB250 with a bit more lean over the bars. I hate to ride it.

    Never ridden a CBR250 of any sort R RR RRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
    So i cant comment on them.

    ZXR is the only bike with an 18" rear wheel, that in my opinion looks absolutely great. My ZXR feels much more like a real bike than any of the others i have ridden and sat on.

    I would say go with the ZXR250A, theyre cheap and can look really special with just a little attention.
  19. thanks for the reponses guys.

    I am very overwhelmed at how active these forums are and willingness to help me as a newbie to all of this. I really appreciate it.

    I think that is a good idea like someone suggested to go to Sumoto only to sit on all the bikes and see how they fit, then find the one I'm happy with and try and source it privately or from another dealer.

    Yes - I am in Victoria so cant look into the LAMS only normal 250CC

    And regarding the zxr250(zx2r) how can I tell with the A and C models? I think I keep seeing some with round headlights (like the CBR's) and some with the squarer ones. Are they the two models?

  20. A model has the twin headlights and twin tail lights.
    C has the single head and tail lights.

    Other differences can include the swing-arm depending on year model and the fairings are slightly different.
    Also the frame but thats much of a muchness.

    If you were to look at getting an A model ZXR250, try to get the one with the C model swingarm (its kinda pointy rather than boxed and square) and the metal/aluminium intake pipes on the tank.