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Buying 2008 R1 and wanted some advice. Thanks.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Praetorian, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I'm Praetorian, I live in NSW western suburbs. I'm about to grab an R1 08 model and purchase all the riding gear with it.

    I'd be ever so appreciative if someone could give me some advice on a few things:

    What is a good price to settle at (bike alone)? (but with a Two Brothers on it) ...

    Should I ask for part of the riding gear to be thrown in etc?

    What should I look out for if I want to trade in etc?

    Anything else?

    I'd like to enjoy the purchase rather than think I could have bargained a little more and be pissed at myself.

    Thanks to all the more experienced who will offer advice. I really appreciate it.

    I wanted to mention the place where I am looking to buy the bike from but I'm not sure whether it's allowed. I'm only new here (only posted a couple of times) and I run forums myself so I don't want Admins/Mods to think I'm a spammer for the bike shop etc ... you know what I mean!

    Can I mention the place that I want to buy it from to see if anyone has advice in relation to THAT place? or if not, I could do via PM's/MSN etc

    Praetorian. :p :grin:

  2. ahh

  3. well if your price sensitve then id be hopping on the phone and getting some rough prices and then work your way around. At the end of the day if your happy with your purchase then your on a winner!

    With regards to gear - bike shops wont throw it in but they probably give you a discount on the riding gear, try getting 20 - 30% off.
    Otherwise just hunt around for sales..... on your new bike of course,
  4. Make sure you get the red key!
  5. 1) Go to a dealer.

    2) Choose everything you want and write it down on a list.

    3) Ask that dealer for his best package price on all that.

    4) Visit all the other dealers within reasonable distance with the same bike, show them the list and ask for their best package price.

    May the best man/dealer win.

    ... it is good form to keep each dealer's price confidential from the other dealer's - or tell a dealer the price, but not where you got it from.
  6. wrong
    my workmate had all his gear thrown in with his bike purchase at parramatta
  7. +1, its the best way to beat a price down!
  8. There's a big difference between "Got gear for free" and "Bought a Learner package".

    If a bike shop offers you jacket, helmet, boots and gloves thrown in for free with a bike you're buying; I would suggest they are making PLENTY of money on the bike and you aren't negotiating a particularly excellent price.
  9. yeh we'll we're splittin hairs

    either way the bike shops make profit period.
  10. What gear have you been using until now? I assume this isn't your first bike?
  11. ^^ Whats that got to do with any of his questions officer?
  12. Thanks for the replies ...

    @Imajo, Ktulu, thanks for details ...

    I picked up a red and white for 18K on the road and I'm getting a Shoei helmet, decent boots but mid level jacket and pants but might use my current jacket. Picking bike up Tuesday. All excited ... :grin: Going to put the pressure on them to give me the gear with a nice discount or I'll hold off and just get helmet. Their choice.

    @OzStriker ... 6 yrs/3rd bike/just standard leathers with old Shoei, needs replacing.

    @devnull ... no idea what you're talking about.

    @seasnke ... I'm talking possibly 2.5K to 3K worth of gear, so doubt they'll be doing for me what they did with ya mate.

    Basically what happened is that one shop fart-assed around with wanting to not commit to price for about 4 hours all because I was umming and arrring on the interest rate ... and so the next day went elsewhere and bought bike on the spot. Some bike places must have it good to stuff around someone for so long. Result = lost my business, including repeat business. Maybe they dont care ... I know I dont.

    Hey ... posted this question in another forum too ... my mate, who has just picked up a Ninja 250R (he's Learner) ... we want to go somewhere other than old road to take it easy. Anyone know any tame routes out my way?

    Thanks ...

    :p :)