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Buying 1st bike - how to?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Romus, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I realise this may not be the best place to ask this question, so sorry about it in advance.

    I passed my learner's course today so should have my licence pretty soon. But now my worries start. I don't know anyone who would know anything about what to look for on a 2nd hand bike. I read the great thread here that went over what to look for, but doubt I'd be able to spot stuff as experienced riders.

    Am I to basically count on being ripped off/cheated on in any way or how do I take care to minimise that? I know it's a risk same as buying a car, but with cars at least I know somethin, with bikes I feel really wunderable as I'm out of my territory, and no doubt will get paranoid.

    I'm sure many of you went through that - what did you do??

    Thanks guys :)

  2. Yeah, I felt the same buying my current bike, I had fair idea about cars but no clue about bikes. One thing to remember, a bike has an engine and wheels just like a car, so some of the stuff you know about cars can be applied to bikes as well.
    Also, get down to a bike dealer, sit on a bunch of bikes, ask heaps of questions, and find out as much as you can. Don't expect dealers to be completely unbiased though, remember that they are trying to sell you something! :roll:
  3. Hey Romus,

    A tip from someone who's just done it (albeit I ended up getting an ex-demo from a shop cos the price was darned good compared to 2nd hand), go find something you like the look of even if its a brand new one.

    You can test ride bikes from shops without having to worry about the hassle of someone not wanting you to crash the bike they're selling (ie you still have to sign waivers and it still costs you buckets if you cause damage, but at least you don't have the stress of it being someone else's bike). Doesn't mean you gotta go buy a new one, or one from a shop, but at least you have an idea of bikes you do and don't like without the extra pressure of someone watching you as you toddle off down the road ;)

    Once you've found something you like the look and feel of, go searching from there - these guys know what they're talking about, so check out the guides for what to look for in a used bike :)

    Just my 2c :) I'm sure others have different advice.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply guys!

    I know what I want - I think. I went to a dealer few days ago sitting on what you have, emsie :). I liked the feel of it. I also thought about a Bandit and CB250 but riding a CB on the course proved it was bit too small for me. Bandit isn't as easy on fuel as I'd like it so I'm going for the VTR250. Anyway that is part of my problem - actually taking it for a ride, be it dealer's or private owner's. God know these courses don't teach us much :) But I guess I have to start somewhere.

    Thanks again guys, I'll keep you posted on how it went :)
  5. How bad can the economy be?

    If it uses an extra litre per 100k, that's at most $1.50 extra per 100k, or $150 every 10,000k. How long do you expect to keep the bike?

    The VTR is a really good bike, but if the Bandit suits you better in some way, don't let fuel economy figures sway you.
  6. moike, VTR uses 4.5 (according to some internet data i found) compared to Bandit's 7L or more..That's almost double. To tell you the truth, as a novice, I'd rather concentrate on other things rather than on the revs - this is my own opinion though. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that bikes with lower revs are easier to ride.

    I've sat on a Bandit as well (I haven't ridden anything except the CB250) and they feel almost the same to me. Comfort-wise I could go either way. The only reason why i sway towards the VTR is the actual consumption. Might seem stupid, but my 535 consumes 18L in city so I'm looking to use as little as possible when riding. :)
  7. dude, in the first thread, he said hes read all the threads/that, but since he is new to bikes, he still wouldn't be able to spot things.
  8. skeeo, that thread is of great help. I've read more on it today again, but yes, my trouble still remains, me being new in the "bike scene" and same as cars, problems being conceilable, and me effectivelly ending up with a problem I shelled all my money on. Seems to me it's a draw of luck really, and I'm not comfortable with that. Ah well...I'm not alone at least.