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Buying 09 Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Benji, May 1, 2016.

  1. I'm in Brisbane and planing on buying a speed triple from a private seller in Sydney.

    The right indicator has been snapped off apparently when removing a bike cover. I'm guessing the indicator would have to be replaced in order to for the bike to be roadworthy for sale?
  2. NSW you don't need pink slip/RWC for sale only need it for rego every year.
    So no, vehicle doesn't have to be sold in roadworthy condition. But it would be nice..
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  3. You could try ask him to include a RWC as a condition of sale (he might expect some sort of deposit first) but you do that at the risk of someone else grabbing the bike (for good or for bad)
  4. You will need roadworthy to register it here in QLD and change the rego into your name, so either way it needs to be fixed.
  5. I'm looking at speed triple as well is maintenance easy and are they reliable
  6. I'm looking at speed triple to is maintenance easy to do and are they reliable
  7. I'm looking at speed tripleto is maintenance easy to do and are they reliable
  8. One post for each cylinder?

    I've had Daytonas for the last seven years, and reliability has been pretty good overall. Specific issues depend on which generation, so have a look at the triumph675.net forum for more in-depth info.