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NSW Buyer refused to provide license number

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by n4spd, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. hi i just sold my bike. buyer said don't have license with him and will text me his license number when he's home. he paid for the bike in cash, filled in the Notice of disposal paper for me except for his license number and DOB. take the bike home then tell me i don't need the license number to dispose the bike from my name.

    is this true?
    and why did he do this.
    what should i do?

    i checked RTA website it seemed if we hand in the disposal paper in person, the license number is not manditory, but i don't know if the name and address he wrote the disposal paper is correct as he didn't show me any ID.


    Before you complete the Notice of Disposal form either by mail or in person at a Roads and Maritime Services registry, you will need the following mandatory information:
    • Your name/organisation
    • Signature (if the vehicle is registered in joint names, both signatures must be provided)
    • Registration plate number
    • Date of disposal
    You should also provide the following additional information, particularly the name and address of the new operator so that new infringements can be forwarded to them:
    Details of the vehicle you have disposed of
    • Year built
    • Make/model
    • Engine number
    • VIN/Chassis number
    NOTE: You can find this information on the Certificate of Registration or on the vehicle.
    Your details
    • Address
    • Licence/customer number
    • Reason for the disposal
    New operator details
    • Name/organisation
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Selling price or market price (whichever is higher)
    • Licence/customer number.
    Note: New operators may obtain a customer number for themselves by producing their Proof of Identity at a registry.
  2. First port of call is try and lodge the notice of disposal in person immediately.

    If you are refused this, there are a number of things you can do.

    Await my PM.
  3. thanks, that is my plan first thing tomorrow morning. waiting for you PM... thanks a lot!
  4. No DOB sounds dodgy. Who doesn't know this when filling out a form.
  5. agreed....reeks of dodgy - i'd tell them to walk away if they weren't willing to fill out simple information or give you their license to write the details down.

    hopefully you have no issue with handing in disposal notice mate
  6. You should be able to do a notice of disposal online.

    I did one for my car immediately, so no need to wait till the morning.

    Do it online now!
  7. no the license number is required if dispose online.
  8. On the flip side, I wonder if he is just not a very trusting person and he just didn't want to reveal to you the location that the bike was going to be living from now on??? I think the setup the rta is still using is so Stone Age especially when fraud and theft is so prevalent these days... :)
  9. He paid you in cash, and you have sent off the bikes details and your details and most of his.
    I wouldn't stress about it.
    It is up to him to further validate his ID with the authorities, not you.
  10. cash is king

    just dispose of ownership so you don't have to pay the speeding fines...
    can't see why you need a license number, say the guy stole it and left a wad of cash behind
  11. Do you have a contact number for him ?
    Request required details and if they are not forth coming then cancel the rego.
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  12. +1

    His licence no. is required to transfer registration, not for the sale itself. If it's not supplied, cancel the registration.
  13. +1 send him a message to give him the details or you will cancel the rego so he cant rack up fines....his choice.
  14. What happened with this?
  15. hi thanks for the replies.

    i went to RTA next day, the lady there wasn't thrilled that i don't have buyers license number and DOB, but she asked me to guess the buyers age and when i gave her my answser she said it is done.

    i haven't got mails about any traffic offense so far it has been a few days so i hope i am fine now.

    but i would not do this again for sure, i was just lucky!
  16. Ahhh well. That was easy enough. Now that it's not registered under your name, there shouldn't be any worries!

    All is well that ends well.