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Buyer beware pays off :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Over the past few weeks i've been looking at ways to increase my "capitolist pig" :LOL: persona :p

    and as well as forking out for some 'bling' on both the VTR and the FJR ( thanks to Moto one and Mr Scumbag ) :wink:

    I went out to look at a crumydore 'gen 3' SS , price was extremly good and it looked and went .... well.... damn good :twisted: , but today i did the good old RTA checks : finance / owership etc

    WELL WELL WELL guess what was a repairable right off just last Aug ?!! with MAJOR front end damage..... inc the ENG !!

    its a cut and shut job !! so guess who's keeping his $$$ for awhile longer :twisted:

    here's the link to it :

  2. Good one bob :grin: Its better to stay away from gen 111 v eights anyway the amount of trouble they had with them piston slack and oil issues from new ,its a lucky dip.
  3. It would be nice to be able to post feedback on the online sales then you could put your findings on the entry and save every one the heartache that is likely to be attached to the car.
  4. doesn't a repairable write off mean it was cheaper for th einsurance company to write it off then too fix? But it was deemed it was still in a state where is could be repaired repair safely.

    Also doesn't take alot to write off, a modern car. A nose to tail accident could of likely wrie a car off.
  5. In fact almost all insurance companies will write off a car if it has damage to both ends.

    I have a friend who lost traction in a corner on a frosty road. his car taped an embankment then rotated and taped it again with the other end of the car (So no compresion) and the insurerers wrote it off.
  6. You don't want a car that's been written off, they are never the same..Holden had a service bulletion re the Gen 3 V8's too, they crack engine mounting brackets.
    Want to spend some money? My boat is for sale again, after some Ebay tool backed out of the deal!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I thought the GenIII came out in 2000....?

    1999 was still the 5ltr
  8. Hey all,
    repairable writeoffs do vary,

    Whilst doing work experience as part of my appreticeship I saw a
    KTM Duke at a bike smash repairer,
    deemed repairable writoff,
    Had damage on the RHS muffler shroud,
    clutch case, indicator, and front brake lever, bar end, mirror.
    pretty easy fix,
    It was damaged PRE-Delivery by the guys who assembled it,
    had fallen over by the looks of it.
    The dealer would not take a damaged bike, so write-off.
    So you could say if the car was damaged in a test drive the dealer might have just written it off.
    Don't know in this case.

  9. It always pays to check.
  10. Had exactly the same thing happen to me.
    Was looking at a Impreza WRX that was priced a little too good to be true. After some snooping around I noticed that there was a "condition" marked on the rego label.

    Contacted the RTA who were less than helpful, but gave me some information about a small about of work on the car that this rego condition may pertain to.
    Turns out it had been re-engineered, so I contacted the company that passed the work. They advised they weren't obliged to pass on any info onto me regarding the work. But they faxed me a copy of the engineering cert.
    On the cert were the previous owners name and contact details which i boldly proceeded to call. Turns out that the cut and shut was also perfomed on the it too. The previous owner kindly advised me that he couldn't also specify any particular details (other than the front end job) and to just "let it go" and go look somewhere else... Which I promptly did.

    Bit more cautious now..