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Buy yourself some history!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, May 13, 2008.

  1. As I have passing interest in historical motorcycling, I occasionally browse Ebay for memorabilia to add to the tawdry array of dust-collectors that grace my shelves. Being a discerning buyer, I avoid the commonplace and save my harded-earned for quality items. The good stuff - (like my genuine Barry Sheene fag-end, limited edition, on a plaque that says “100% BSâ€) – is hard to come by. Ebay is littered with easy-to-get items – Kenny Roberts Jr’s frilly undies, Checa’s slightly scraped leathers, Rossi’s Claudia Schiffer blow-up doll and remaindered copies of “Motivate Yourself†by Sete Gibernau.

    I did buy slim volume entitled “The Collected Acceptance Speeches of Alex Barrosâ€, but both pages are in Portuguese.

    With the exception of KRJr’s unmentionables (which are excellent for cleaning the MV’s chain) none of my collection is particularly useful. Sure, the Schiffer doll is a conversation starter, but, as she doesn’t talk back, I’m feeling a bit guilty about our relationship. I want to get to know one another (after all, she’s been given a ride by the Doctor – surely she’s got a story to tell?) , but she just seems to want to…

    But I digress. To cut a long story short, I set about hunting for a piece of real history that I can use. Not something that will sit on the shelf – something that I can look at every day, that will become part of my life.

    And I’ve found the answer.

    Wouldn’t it be great to live on – yes, on – the spot where some motorcycling David took on a Goliath in an epic struggle and won? Some place that embodied a classic “He came from nowhere to beat the World†type story? Well, Phillip Island waterfront property is well beyond my means. Winton is in banjo-picking country and Broadford is a not well served with nightlife.

    Which brings me to Williams Landing. No – I’m not spruiking for the developers – but this housing development is being built at the old RAAF Williams site – better known as Laverton Aerodrome.

    Why is this significant? Because in 1976 this airfield was turned into a racetrack, where Kenny Blake (a local lad from Adelaide, in Melbourne’s western suburbs) took on Giacomo Agostini. And won. Blake took his RG500 to a narrow win over the 15-times world champion, who was on a machine of some other highly respectable marque – the name of which isn’t really important right now.

    The upshot of all this – pick the right house block and you could be living on the circuit. Better still, your driveway could be finish line. Picture yourself, racing Ago every night on the way home from work.
  2. He beat an MV didn't he Mark? :wink: :p

    I'm not too sure where to start with that post so I'll finish with "you funny, funny b@stard". KRjr's frilly undies....Heh! :LOL:
  3. I'm actually on the 3rd volume of the '1001 Excuses for the budding racer' by M. Biaggi. This was an excellent follow up to 'Front end slides for Dummies'. Both were limited editions.

    Wasn't there a TV series 'Knots Landing'?
  4. :evil:
  5. Another classic post. :grin:

    Soooo, what's a block going for??
  6. Dunno - buying's not an option for me right now. But here's a thought...

    If all the funds from the tickets issues on the Spur were rolled up with the safety levy, the Government could subsidise Williams Landing housing. We could all buy a house each and race around our own suburb! Imagine - the end of cranky letters to the editor about 2-wheeled hoons, all front fences made of air cushions, kitty-litter nature strips, no silly "keep to the left" rules, speed cameras that issue a trophy rather than a fine...

    OK...here's my plan.

    1. Apply for Laverton Air Base to be declared a sacred site
    2. Elect jdkarmch to Canberra on a "pro-motorcycling" ticket
    3. Amend the First Home Buyers Bonus to a First Place Getters Bonus
    4. Use the fine and levy revenue to build homes of cultural significance

    The benefits are obvious - the road toll goes down. I think I've found the answer to the problem of using the Safety Levy.

    In preparation, I've had some artists impressions drawn up, to give an idea of what the development could look like...

    Residential streets

    Entry boulevard


    If the MRA(Vic) can swing this one, I'll seriously consider rejoining. Please send the application form to my future address - 1 Agusta Dv, Blakeville.
  7. Noooooo thats Shepparton... :p
  8. I've forwarded your recommendations on to some of the other VMAC members Mark, I'm fully supportive of these ideas and think they should be included in the next Motorcycle Strategy. We could probably ask for some of the budget surplus for infrastructure that the Commonwealth has put aside as well. (although I have serious reservations about your second recommendation - but then again it does get him out of town :p ).

    While the infrastructure and support is non-existent in the area, I'm sure that if a few Ducati and MV owners move in then the coffee shops will follow - just as the bakeries and breweries will follow the BMW owners (or is that vice-versa). :roll:

    I'm not entirely sure what the Harley owners will attract - flies probably. :p
  9. I'm in. Except ... there should be a "no poser" rule, because contrary to their own beliefs they actually repel women ... well, the ones you'd want to be around anyway :grin:
  10. :LOL: , Blakeville is near Ballan, and trust me, you DON'T want to live there! Banjo's, rocking chairs on the porch with shotgun in hand, and I think you need to be called Cletus........
  11. Jesus, that was the first good laugh I've had all week.

    Thanks for that chairman!
  12. :LOL:
    Chairman, if we ever meet I owe you beer. Lots of beer. And you can give me my new keyboard at the same time
  13. I did pass this thread on on and a gentleman of my acquaintance came back with this response to me,

    Just love it and one of my fondest memories.

    I was there with my 5 yo daughter and the “mob from Wagga Wagga†who after the race starting chanting in a 20 strong chorus at the top of their drunken voices - “ Kenny Blake beat the Wog " for many minutes.

    All fine until the teacher rang my wife the following Monday to explain that she really enjoyed children having great weekends, and sharing there experiences during “Show & Tell“ and that she was delighted that “Kenny Blake beat the Wog" but perhaps we could explain to my daughter that there may be people offended by the expression – old story but at least she did not get locked up as you would today !
  14. :rofl:
  15. I hope you're a good brewer then. Mark's home brew sits in kegs and you pour from a gun. :cool:

    I got blotto with Loz on some cheeky little numbers he had sitting around last Ostraya Day. :)
  16. lol bendigo is far more Banjo country than shepp, the dero's here would have pawned the banjo for booze, or started a fight over/ with said banjo

    Bendigo is a flannel wearing hick town (I know I went to uni for 4 years there)