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Buy Now Or Wait ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Billy Bright, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am in the market for a new first bike. I only am on P's, even though 25 years ago I had a licence but let it lapse so had to go through te whole thing from scratch.

    So I am after a new bike and wondering if I should buy now or wait til the end of the year to get a beter price ?

    My choices are:

    Honda Vt400
    Laro 350
    Hyosung 250 cruiser style
    Scooter like Piaggo X7 250
    Kymco 300i ABS

    I would buy it new and use it round town mainly on weekends, so top speed is not a huge issue.

    The Honda is at the top of the list, but pricey at $9k and I have sat on a few and they do feel heavy at 25okg so slow riding might be a problem with all that weight.

    Thoughts appreciated.
  2. Only cruisers or scooters in there? :)

    Some great road bikes out there such as a GS500 which would fit under $9k.
  3. virago (no not the 250)
    hyosung 650 Aquila (wouldnt touch the 250, underpowered on the sport bike frame let alone the cruiser. they were made for the bigger engine, so too heavy to be powered by a 250cc)
    suzuki also make a good cruiser.....
  4. I believe that you won't find any benefit from waiting till the end of the year. Won't find many offers given that it will be summer and in the middle of the ridding season?
  5. what adprom said +1, make your mind up on whatyou want, scooter or bike?
    gs500 is favored by alot for a reason!!
    use search on here do some reading, go sit on some bikes/scooters get what is practical for your needs, if its a scooter, your confusion has been reduced, if its a bike, then cruiser, sports? which shape appeals to you?
  6. I think some people want to sell bikes for cheaper when the year finish because the model is for last year.

    Maybe you get better price after Christmas because maybe they sell not many because is quiet time.
  7. All the bikes I listed are the ones that felt the best to me. I'm 5'8 & 90kg so the cruiser style was best.

    Loved the Honda, but borrowing to buy it seems a bit excessive.
    So looking at what I can afford new, it came down to the Hyosung or Laro, really. THe thing is that its going to be a town bike for me, not interested in highway runs or things like that.

    Tried the Suzuki & Yamaha 250's but the Gv250 just felt better. The Honda was great because of the low seat, but its a really heavy bike.

    See my rider license lapsed about 20 years ago and I only have a scooter permit on the red P's. THat will end in early next year. So if I jumped at some of the good deals now, I couldnt legally ride the bike until next year.

    But maybe its better to bag a bargain now ?
  8. My brother in Italy have the hyosung but is called custom. He have the 250 not the 125 bike.

    He move to Torino for work and buy the bike for go to work in office. He buy this 2009 and have no problem is better than scooter he sell.

    In Italy is better to have scooter because to many cars and street sometimes is small. I know my brother look after bike and goes good I think is good bike.

    When you go to Italy nobody care which is your bike. Some people have the bike from China because is cheap and the job is hard to get. The hyosung is big bike look very nice but here is call gv but is custom in Italy.
  9. if crusier is your choice, have a look at the Vstar/XVS650 cruiser by Yamaha, two models, classic and custom, they are LAMS approved, very reliable and plenty of torque, will keep you smiling for a while :)
  10. A lot of people on this site recommend the xvs650 and I take what they say seriously because they know way more than me.

    The thing is they are a bit pricey, even 2nd hand. I would prefer to buy a new bike only because I am a mechanical dope, wouldnt know if the engine has problems or if the thing had been in an accident.

    Also I would need finance and a dealer could provide that. So I looked at the Honda VT400 & its expensive but the repayments might be managable, if I decide to only eat every 2nd week.

    So a new Honda would be the same of less than a 2nd hand XVS650 as far as I can tell. I just need to justify spending that much. So something cheaper like the gv250 becomes more of a reasonable proposition, but its a case of making do.
  11. If you like the idea of the XVS650 but worried about the price, there is a nice 2008 black one going cheap $5300 http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bikes/private/details.aspx?R=11328622

    of course you need to take what will you be paying more in the long run for into consideration, private bike at less $ in price but higher % for the loan, or dealer bike more $ in price but less % for the loan.
    maybe you can get a good deal on a loan for a private bike.
  12. or contact hawklord on here, i believe Barb is selling a beauty of one on as well, very low kms too
  13. Thanks for the link, pity its in Vic as I'm in Syd. I am encouraged to keep looking though because I might spot something.

    Do you reckon this bike might have too much power just for suburban use ? I'm just a little worried as I havent ridden something that powerful and wonder if I could get caught out ?
  14. IMO the yammie xvs650 isn't what you'd call "that powerful". you will be fine.