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Buy me a sporty Sports Tourer!?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CBF'd, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Hello collective netrider wisdom.

    I am about to go off LAMS and have narrowed the search down to a sports tourer type bike.

    I had until recently intended to go down a 600 or 1000 path however having green Ps the +1 really enjoys riding and wants to come along. I frequently do 6 plus hour days sometimes up to 12 hours on the bike so I need something to take a pillion in comfort.

    I am however open to other suggestions however these are the fundamentals.

    1. pillion comfort
    2. bent over clip ons type position
    3. provision for luggage (preferably hard panniers but anything is fine really)
    4. <$10k preferably <$8k

    At the moment I am looking at the VFR 800 and 1200 CBR1100xx (getting a little old though) Hayabusa, Zx14.

    Power isn't a big consideration I've been on LAMS so anything will be great. As long as it's got acceptable grunt for two up.

    Any tips, comments or suggestions? Any bike that I am missing?
  2. Triumph ST 1050 Sprint. Can have a fairly new good condition one for about your $$.
    (Saw 2008ish models for about $8k about 12months ago, we also have Bass Strait Tax added down here)
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  3. Thanks for the quick reply! Thought they were a bit more upright and hadn't looked into them.

    How are the electricals on the 1050s I've heard a lot of nightmares with street triples and Daytonas. Makes me a bit worried about Triumph.
  4. NFI, never had one. Will start to consider tourers and nakeds when I can no longer fold up onto a supersports.
    Got a workmate with one, he's never had an issue. YMMV though.
  5. Agree with Murph289Murph289. I was gonna say '06 onwards VFR800s and 08' onwards 1050 Triumph Sprint ST. The only issue with electrical on the triumph AFAIK is the reg/rec. Upgrade that for a better unit and your all set.
    Also look at the Kwaka Ninja1000, might be a bit less comfy for a pillion than the other two but they are a cracking bike. Definitely test ride one though and see what your partner thinks before dismissing it.
  6. 12 hours riding a bike with clip ons? U sure about that ?
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  7. A little pain doesn't bother me too much. Once did around 14 hours riding on my DRZ in motard trim. Was painful but not too bad. I'm 24 so have youth on my side to aid recovery from my stupidity. Was following my mate on his Cbr1000rr I might add.

    Have always wanted a bike with clip ons and never had one so its really because I want something different. The heart wants what the heart wants I suppose. So clip ons are a must.
  8. Sprint doesnt have clip ons or they are above the triple clamps.

    I tgink the hypertourers are the go
  9. 7941464944_71004bcde8_b.

    Could do much worse I suppose.
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  10. True, they have Heli-Bar-ish looking clipons from memory.
    Similar to the VFR's?
  11. I should read all the other comments first but I not know for caution...

    My last bike was a ZX14, bought new, and they do make an excellent pillion bike, but I am not sure I'd recommend one to a new rider. The one I would suggest is a 1200 Bandit. A Blackbird would also be good, and so would an FJR13 if you can find one.

    If you are a smaller person and your significant other is also smaller, you could get by with a smaller bike. That would be less expensive and a lot easier to ride, as a newer rider. They are a little less comfortable, and the longer you sit on them the more you notice it.

    I would build up to longer rides gradually. It doesn't pay to upset the cook... I was happy to ride 12 hours myself, but as a sometimes pillion, I know after about 3 ~ 4 hours I was getting close to walking home... and I LOVE bikes.
  12. When I say clip ons I really mean a lent over position. Doesn't have to be the full tuck but not really interested in bolt upright.

    It's the main thing turning me away from the Ninja 1000, otherwise they look a cracking bike.

    Still have 4 weeks until I can go and test ride the bilked so building a short list.
  13. I don't want to sound a total cock but I've had to endure green P's being under 25 so have just under 3 years riding experience so don't want to rule out a big bike altogether if the price and features are right. After all it only goes as fast as you twist the throttle. I am tall about 6'3" but weigh about 75kg and gf about 60kg so probably don't really need anything too crazy in power at the same time as two up we aren't too heavy. I am casting a pretty wide net, just trying to work out if I have overlooked anything.

    Isn't choice a terrible thing :p
  14. Get the ninja and put clip-ons on it? Not sure what the cost of that would be, but a modification like that could open up a bunch of other bikes to look at
  15. LOL, yeah, I hate decisions. The GlenFidditch or the GlenLivet? Hmmm...

    We're similar weight but you're quite a bit taller than me. Your gf is a good bit smaller than my wife. Ok, by all means add the VFR800 to your test ride list.

    My concerns with the 14 are not so much that she goes like stink (she did, it was nice) but she had some handling issues, which took quite a while and some experimentation with tyres to get right. My concern with a newer rider is that they'd just shrug and say "Oh well, this must be what they're like." Er... yes and no. It's not what they SHOULD be like... Lots of big bike experience was very useful there, I knew what the thing should feel like and respond like and corner like, and it wasn't doing it. Eventually I learned Metzler M5s work very well on them...

    I would experiment around a bit with 'bar position. I can quite well understand wanting to lean into the wind a fair bit, especially if you're 8 foot tall, but you don't want half your upper body-weight constantly on your hands either. That gets ordinary quite quickly... On this subject, by all means ask advice and listen, but you are the one who has to get comfortable, and what suits Donald Duck may not suite you... As a teenager I got a LOT of advice from older riders, some of which I'd asked for and some I didn't, and mostly it was sh1t. A few people did tell me stuff that was mostly true, but generally neither the story teller nor the audience understood what was the same between us and what was different. I got a f#ckin awful lot of really bad advice... The one who has to be satisfied with it is you, so...
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  16. The z1000 is more leant over than the ninja 1000. It's not as good of a tourer though as hasn't got much wind protection and is geared for wheelies not freeways
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    Last edited: Feb 5, 2016
    So it's not really the style of bars, it's the riding position. It seems to me that the ability to carry a pillion and some weather protection are just as significant.
    I'd look at a Suzuki GSX1250FA.
    There's not that many old-school style sports-tourers on the market these days.
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  18. Just my opinion but I found the VFR800 lacklustre and needing a lot more grunt when you ask for it...I've got a CBR1100xx and its bulletproof, comfy for days, plenty of space for luggage and the missus loves it almost more than I do! The Blackbird is the way to go IMO and fits well into your budget!
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  19. One ... er, characteristic of all these big sports-tourers, is they tend to have a long wheelbase. That's good in terms of comfort, and it helps with stability, but it means they do not and cannot corner like a sports bike. Now if you are fairly conservative around corners, that shouldn't really be an issue, but if you like to hurl the thing almost horizontal and try to get both your knee AND your elbow down, the real big bikes are at a real disadvantage. A bike with a longer wheelbase needs to lean over further to get around the same corner at the same speed, and it is not a small and subtle difference. If you can keep up with the bloke on the sports bike, on your sports tourer, then the RR bloke doesn't know what he's doing. If he did, you wouldn't see which way he went...
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  20. There's a thought, I can demonstrate this. Please note, this is a long vid, and if you watch the first 3 minutes or so, the rest is basically just more of the same, except I collect an insect on the lens which spoils the view... Note the lean angle, as indicated by the mirror stalks. I do have my knee down through some of these bends...

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