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Buy Leather Jacket Now?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by PeteH80, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Looking at starting to get all my gear and i noticed that MCAS has a sale on Rjays leather jackets


    Reduced from $499 down to $199

    I wasnt really looking at leather at the moment, was going to get the Dririder Climate Control 2, but i got to thinking maybe this is a good chance to pick up a leather since it is on special. i would probably get the Dririder anyway.

    Is this jacket a half decent leather one or is that why it is on special?

    what does everyone think, especially since we are on the tail end of winter???
  2. Makes you wonder how much profit they make if they can afford to put the price down by more than 50 %

    I never trust places that have huge discounts on gear - I prefer the Bunnings model of low prices every day
  3. They probably just need the cashflow and it's stagnant stock... $200 for leathers is cheap as.
  4. Yeah i assume end of line stuff that they want to get rid of, or maybe Rjays distributor gave them a special on buying the last stock they had.

    hmmm maybe check it out in the city store today then, see if they have them and see what they are like
  5. Depending on the age of stock some shops are willing to make a loss to just get it out the door.
    Shelf space costs money.
  6. Are you a size 50 because that is the only option you can select?
  7. Ahh that may go a good way to eaplain why they are $199 then
  8. i have a dry rider and it is great. But cuz my bike is my only form of transport I wanted a more pub friendly jacket. managed to pick up a cheap leather one as a warehouse clearance.

    now really prefer it over the dry rider for most riding.

    sbb, who also warns people of their rights when buying, even at a clearance sale you are allowed to return goods (apparently). will not go back to that certain company as after paying more than what i was told for another item I couldn't return it and staff went from friendly to plain nasty, proudly pulling out the no-returns policy sign from UNDER the counter and yelling at me for not knowing.
  9. Dont leather get hotter in summer? thats the only real reason i was questioning (well other than now that i found out they only have one size) buying one now on the tail end of winter
  10. I actually bought that exact jacket (in red though) when I started riding - it's a closeout, they had discontinued them 18 months ago when I bought them, and they're clearing out the last of them. They're quite heavy and feel alright, and they're decently constructed, although they don't have a thermal lining like some of the more expensive ones.

    The Auburn MCAS store has a clearance section upstairs that has all the runout lines etc, it's a good place to go to get kitted out when you're just starting.

    Actually, that Rjays jacket is still lurking in my wardrobe; I've since upgraded to an Alpinestars one - you can buy it (red, size 42) really cheap if you want - PM me.
  11. That's how I got my Rivet Jacket when I started my Ls.
    I still have it and around 7 years later its still serving me well.
  12. The markup they have on these jackets and for many other things for that matter is astronomical.

    Last month we exported 100kg of a well known watch brand to the Middle East. I browsed thru the commercial invoice for a particular watch which was $199. I had a look at the shippers website and the same watch goes there for $599. 300% markup that's bull sh1t.
  13. that's how i got mine. was looking at gore-tex because it was cheaper, found my jacket was on close-out for about $30 more so i grabbed it

    yep, but many jackets have a removable lining and zippered vents
  14. Better to sweat the ride than bleed the slide
  15. +eleventybillion
  16. some are perforated too, breath better in summer.
    i woul'nt buy a leather jacket without trying it on first