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Buy in NSW, Ride to WA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by barrgr, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. I am looking at buying a bike and sidecar in NSW and riding it back to WA. As I can't transfer rego in NSW to my name (no address in NSW), and I can't register it in WA until I get back here, how can I get around the legal issues of ownership? Can I get permits to ride in each state until it's back here and I can register it?

    If you've done similar, please help.

  2. dont bother registering it in NSW after u buy it. U dont need to do anything just ride it to WA unless its unregoed
    Just have the sales reciept on you. bike is still covered regoed doesnt matter whos riding it.
  3. Done that. With a new vehicle, I was able to get a NSW Unregistered Vehicle Permit although I needed a NSW address for the RTA. I fell back on the collective generosity of Netrider for that. The UVP covered me as far as the SA-WA border but WA doesn't recognise other States' docs (or didn't three years ago) so I had to ring the WA Dept of Transport from Ceduna and get a WA Temporary Movement Permit, starting from the time I would be crossing the border.

    NSW are pretty generous with their timings. The UVP was valid for 10 days, which was ample. WA are more stingy and I only had two days from crossing the border to getting the bike inspected and registered. I could have done that in Norseman if I'd got there on a weekday but it was the weekend when I rolled through so I pushed on to Perth and got to a licensing centre 20 minutes before my TMP expired :D.

    All doable and remarkably simple. The only issue was having an accommodation address in NSW and that was sorted by the power of the net and the fact that there are good people here :D

    BTW, it's not a Ural is it? That's what I did the trick on.
  4. Did the same thing with a used car last year. Bought in Sydney, then drove it to Adelaide. As soon as I gave the seller a cheque, I drove it back immediately. It was a Friday arvo. When I got to Adelaide, I took it straight to the rego inspection garage where they took the NSW plates off and replaced them with SA plates.