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Buy him a beer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CrazyCam, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. On the ABC site...http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-01/man-caught-exposing-himself-to-speed-camera/6363582

    Police released the footage showing two men walking past the camera on Kelletts Road in Rowville around 1:30pm on Australia Day.

    One of the men takes off his clothes, jumps on the front of the vehicle and begins howling abuse at the speed camera operator inside.

    The ordeal goes on for about 30 seconds before the men continue walking along the road.

    About an hour later the men, stocked up with alcohol, return to the vehicle.

    The same man strips off again and performs a series of lewd acts on the car before leaving again.

    Police are hopeful someone will be able to identify the men involved.

    <end of quote>

    But, if someone does recognise him, are they likely to turn him in or buy him a beer?
  2. Australia has become the place where he will be dobbed in and the police will charge him, rather than giving him a talking to.
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  3. It brings a whole new meaning to Cock Blocked too.
  4. I think he's had enough beer lol...:ROFLMAO:
  5. While we all don't enjoy being booked, I know a guy who has worked as a camera operator. He commented about the animosity others have towards him for just doing his job. How would you feel if someone did this to you at your workplace? I would expect some repurcussions for this sort of intimidation.
  6. Whilst I don't condone violence against anyone I would never take a job as a revenue camera operator because it's an immoral profession.

    How immoral?

    Lets say a bit worse than working as a publicist for a cigarette company in a 3rd world country where they still sell cigarettes to kids (both are legal and both are wrong).
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  7. I agree.
    It takes a certain breed of person to take on a job like this - or parking ticket officer!

    And what better non-violent protest than a drink naked dance!
  8. He knew what he was getting himself into, and on some level must have accepted that when he took on the role. Fair enough maybe the naked man maybe did the 'wrong thing' but it's not a fair comparison. Personally I'm ambivalent about Mr Balls Out's behavior, he is misguided shooting the messenger but I admire his bravery given the current political climate.

  9. How is it immoral?

    What thinking leads you to that conclusion?
  10. Immoral because current speed enforcement regimes are manipulative bullshit aligned with politics and not physical realities?
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  11. Surely that is a political issue, and the protest should be taken up with those that can CHANGE the current speed enforcement regimes. This "protest" was aimed at the operator of the camera, who has no say in the regime. It was also sexual in nature, and involved abuse of a person doing their job.
  12. I wouldn't call it immoral, but it's hardly an upstanding career choice.
  13. I think speed camera operator should be number 8 on this list.

    Jobs for Assholes

    I'd rather club baby fur seals than be a speed camera operator - I'd sleep better at night.
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  14. I quite agree, Mr Balls Outs is indeed a fool and ought be educated in not shooting the messenger.
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  15. OK. You have fun with that....
  16. In the vast majority of cases those 'responsible' for creating corrupt systems are not accessible to the general public, so by restricting protests to those few you effectively stop all protests.

    Do I approve of the method? No. I'd rather see groups of people picket camera cars (inform people coming about the camera car with signs, block the camera by standing in front of it etc etc) but I find myself with little sympathy for the camera operator whose actions perpetuate this unjust system. Basically if you crap on people you can expect to be crapped upon in return.

    That doesn't mean that legal challenges etc shouldn't proceed but they shouldn't be the only method.

    Look at the Sea Shepard program for example, it took years to get a legal result but during the interim they manage to reduce whale capture numbers significantly, together direct action and legal action can be the most effective.

  17. You equate someone sitting in a car performing the process of booking people for exceeding the speed limit, with killing whales.

    Again, you have fun with that.
  18. I equate the corrupt nature of the government systems that allow both immoral practices to continue, not the practices themselves.
  19. So surely the arguement is with the system, rather than the individual worker, who is claiming a salary for that system. Fight it where change can happen.