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Buy here or UK?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Winter is coming up again and now despite me managing last year without any dramas whatsoever with just my (slightly ill-fitting 2nd hand) dririder airmesh jacket, I do fancy getting myself some proper cowhide for improved warmth and protection.

    ..I'm about to go back to the UK for a brief holiday where my family are eagerly waiting to buy me some kind of birthday present... :LOL: Perhaps I can leverage their generosity and get something unusualy useful this year?

    Anyone know whether leather-goods might be cheaper/better/more variety in UK? Or would a UK jacket somehow be unsuited to Brisbane conditions (i.e. only usable for 4 weeks of the year before it gets too hot to wear)?

    Gotta be some expat poms in here who can testify to the relative pricing and usability of UK stuff! :p

    Any thoughts?
  2. UK leather gear is probably a bit cheaper than here, particularly for the Euro brands, looking at online pricing of branded clothing. Beware, though, there is a lot of ultra-cheap, market stall rubbish about too (far more than I've seen in Oz), so make sure you know the difference. Go to a specific bike gear supplier and you should be OK though.

    In terms of thermal properties, you shouldn't have any problems. A basic leather there has no more insulation in it than a basic leather here. Venting and perforation are a function of style and price rather than nationality.

    I think where you'd score by going to the UK is in the sheer range available to you. Depending on where you go, it's entirely possible to see more stuff on display in a single shop than is carried by the entire Australian retail trade.

    But then, that's the case with most specialist products :( .

    Have fun.
  3. I'm not sure on bike gear, but when I was in the UK late last year I found everything extraordinarily expensive due to the AU$/Pound conversion. My vote is for getting your gear in Aussie, unless you can get an awesome present from the olds over there.

    I would think that British gear would be a little bit warmer than the stuff generally in stores here in Brissie.
  4. I've been lucky with FX rates. I was in the UK last July with the dollar at 0.46 pounds.. it then tanked down to 0.37 as soon as I got back .. and is now running at around 0.48!!!

    Even so - I might take a good look locally before going to the UK and then hopefully can make a decision based on what I *know* I can get in Brisbane against whats in front of me in the UK! (Would be awesome if I can squeeze a few quid out of the olds to heavily subsidise a nice jacket though! :LOL: )
  5. Have you just thaugh about buying a "proper" set of thermal under gear?
    BMW phase change suit for example, its alot cheaper in the UK than here and will fit under anything.

    I tried it for a few hours, early morning in the middle of winter under MX nylons it is truely amazing gear. I know everyone think BMW stuff is overpriced but try it on and tell me its not worth it. :cool:
  6. The Aussie dollar's buying power relative to the pound is about the strongest its been for a decade. I'd be taking a real good look at Beemer and Triumph gear, because as mentioned by CBRider, it's rather expensive here in Oz.

    Just for interest, Australian Road Rider recently sampled nine leather gloves that claimed to be waterproof. They put on each pair in turn and dunked them in cold water for 2 minutes. Only four were actually waterproof. BMW ProWinter2 and Triumph Sympatex Expedition, both AU$180, were among the waterproof gloves.

    Evidently in Europe motorcyclists expect waterproof to mean waterproof! :LOL:
  7. When you look at what you get for your money BMW stuff isnt too badly priced at all, although its made in... Indonesia instead of Pakistan (most others) alot fo their gear comes with fleced breathable gortex lifetime waterproof liners, verry well placed proper CE aproved armour and and the outer shell is made of verry robust cordura.
    The only downside to my R2 pro stuff is the weght before you put it on after that not a problem but the armour and water bladder have some wieght to it.