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Buy helmet in sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Darmac, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. This is one for the riders who live in sydney.I live near to marrickville and am planning on helmet shopping this weekend, was hoping someone could advise on a good shop for this. Large selection , fair pricing, helpful. Even if its somewhere a bit out of the way. Thanks .

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  2. Close to you is Procycles for BMW, or Sydney City at Kogarah, but I dont think either of them will better MCAS at Auburn or Wentworth ave in the city.
  3. The biggest selection of helmets is at MCAS Auburn. 'Head' straight there. Try them all on and then use your phone to do a price check to make sure you are getting a good deal. In regard to the staff being helpful....good luck with that!
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  4. Awesome.
    Thanks guys.
    Might give the guys at Auburn a go then.

  5. Went helmet shopping last weekend and drove down to Auburn after not being able to try an Arai Defiant on in Newcastle...unfortunately i found out i do not have an Arai shaped head,which on its own was worth the trip rather than ordering one and finding out the hard way, it was great the fact MCAS and bikebiz kawasaki aren't too far apart so easy to compare prices and negotiate,but MCAS Auburn by far has a huuuuuge selection, good luck,enjoy and definitely try each helmet on for at least 5 mins
  6. Thanks. I can imagine the need for a well fitting helmet, the one i wore for my pre learners course was very uncomfortable after half an hour or so. Cant wait to find out what brand head i have.☺
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  7. Do a seach on the helmet manufacturers web sites.I am right on the junction of 2 sizes in Shoeis.I picked the tight one and regretted it.Bought the bigger one 6 months later.The website for Shoei has a circumference dimension that helps with size.I in the past always went tight rather than loose,they do wear in but not in this case.A $600 mistake.Find the shape and size FOR YOU.Snug but no pressure points, I would be wearing it for a good 1/2 hour after finding what suits.Get a pin lock,some come with different cheek padding sizes that help as well
  8. A bit of a misnomer, I know I was sorely disappointed when I went out there to have a squiz... more like "The Helmet Shed".

    BUT, as per my previous post, wherever you go, once you have found the helmet you like/that fits/works in terms of cost, definitely let your fingers do the walking and Google to find what prices are around.
  9. The Helmet Warehouse used to be good value,maybe that ebbs and flows with supply,they seem to sell older model helmets.The last time I was there they were the same as MCA on cost.Nice to deal with though
  10. Trooper Lu's may be another option for actually getting service.

    MCAS is like the Bunnings of bike world...
    they claim to have a big range, but seem to be out of stock of half of it most of the time :p and getting good service is a lottery.. IME they just want your $ and will say anything to get it (Liverpool and Auburn)
    MCAS prices seem to be like JB hifi... claim to be X% off but are same retail price as everywhere else :D
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  11. Not sure on your budget but there's a deal going on for Shoei NXR helmet (if it fits your head). It comes with the pinlock as well.

    If you trade in a helmet (any brand and condition, just needs to meet AS), you get $150 off the RRP for the NXR. I was told the promotion is on until mid August. MCA and Sydney City have that promotion going; not sure about Bikebiz or others.

    I'm guessing that was my carrot while my partner gets a new bike :]
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  12. I wore a size xxl for my prelearners and ended up buying a medium. Always check in store before buying online
  13. Dead right there gguru. I had the same experience. Wore an xl helmet for prelearners which gave me a sore forehead after half an hr and ended up buying a medium R jays.happy as with the RJays by the way.
  14. Yea, the forehead was the worst and also everytime I'd turn my head my helmet will swing right around lol was reaally annoying and I also did my pre learners in the rain so my head was soaked lol.
  15. Iha. It rained for us too out at loftus. I was quite happy about that though. Took it as a bit of extra experience. Especially with a first class trainer on hand.
  16. I got two really great deals on Peter Steven's Ebay page. Just try them on in a shop in Sydney and order from PS if they have the one you want.

    Of course I dont feel guilty....MCAS had the same helmet PS had but only for $250 more and they wouldnt budge.