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Buy GS500 or modify cb400 with bar rasiers higher bars/seat

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by EV, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Have a dilemma!

    It has come time to buy another bike and ideally I would really like a CB400 ABS, however I find myself reaching forward and my groin crushing into the tank, which is bearable for short trips but not so great when you ride all day for work.

    Is it going to be practical for me to buy and modify this bike for comfort?

    or should I buy the comfortable however lower spec gs500?

    Next, where do I source the parts from?
    I found this site for bar raisers
    might get some of these for the VTR250..

    Also where do I get higher bars about 2-3 inches or more higher than stock?

    Also will raising the bars cause other problems ie if they are further back they don't stick out so wide so if it falls over the tank/headlight is not protected, this is a factor as it is a learner bike.

  2. Don't know if it's still the case but the GS was using old fashioned 7/8" bars which are cheap and easy to swap with a massive variety of other bars. There's no danger from using other bars, no matter how big and wide, just make sure you clear the tank at lock.

    I always say get the bike you really want, however, and if it comes to it get custom risers made to give you the riding position you want (given you're buying new, just factor this into the over-all massive cost). There's probably a number of options available if you go that route; I wonder if you can convert it to clamps for old-fashioned bars, this having teh best of both worlds...?
  3. Well so far have found these schmicko risers which leads on to how easy is it to get longer cables electricals to suit the 3-4 inch rise I want?

    It is quite interesting the varieties of riser available I liked these though as I can run a modified crash bar through the original steering mount so my tank doesn't get lunched if it falls
  4. It sure raised my bar.


    i kid, i kid.

    seriously though, thats a meaty amount of extension. I was actually looking at getting a lower bar or clip-on conversion so i could lean forward a bit more comfortably/aerodynamically. with the stock bars the riding position is quite upright.

    I found that gripping the tank with my legs really helps and allows me to position my ass towards the back of the seat for comfortable all-day riding.

    i'm about 6'2" though.
  5. How much are they??? They're perfect for an application of mine, whereby I want to easily move the bars on the GR backwards and forwards depending on whether I or my partner are riding it.

    Regarding the GS I reckon you'd be right - had a look at one this morning in PStevens and they thread the cables through the triple clamp, so you could easily re-thread them coming from under the front of the tank and get a few inches more, plus maybe fit a new brake hose (I use $30 braided ones from eBay and they're great). Go check out how the cables are threaded, might be the same. Wires can easily be cut and extended.
  6. Sorry, I made the mistake of reading your heading and opening post! :p

    I reckon you might just have no problem off-loading those on eBay...as I say, I'd consider one....
  7. The styles I have shown above are snowmobile risers, and may or maynot be upto Motorcycle duty...

    That said I am heading off to an engineering person and will figure out from there what will work.