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buy an 08 or wait for an 09

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by djc, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Just wondering generally when does Honda swap out there models?

    Ive noticed Suzuki seem to be clearing out there 08's with a few places dropping prices to move them out, I heard that the Suziki dealer 09 stock was used at the recent Sydney bike show.

    Im looking at buying a CBR 1000rr and im ready to purchase however im not sure if I should wait for 09 stock or buy an 08, also will the 08's go into runout soon allowing me to save a few bucks?

    Having a look at the Honda US site there seems to be bugger all differance between 08 and 09 models so either will be suitable.
  2. Grab an 08 just before the 09 comes in.
  3. good luck mate..

    Honda themselves have been out of stock of 'Blades for at least a month now.. any stock left is on dealers floors and they will not be discounting them hugely..

    if Honda had heaps left in their warehouses you may be able to do a deal..
  4. bugger, thats what I thought.

    Im also a little concerned that the 09's may cost more due to our dollar going arse up about 2 months ago
  5. Yep, all imports will cost more. Buy what you can afford.
  6. yeh, a Honda dealer in LaneCove said that the 09 model will cost more.
    Buy now if you can.

    There will be an all-black color for the 09 Fireblade though =P~
  7. imo just get the 08. The 09 promises what, ABS? And no other real differences.
  8. and a Repsol model if that floats your boat..

    the ABS will be an option.. not standard
  9. If a Suzuki GSX-R750 is on the cards, you may want to have a look at Gold Coast Suzuki. I believe they have a black one there for $13k+orc. Just recently purchased from them what must be the last orange/black in Australia and have been pretty good to deal with. That's cheaper than some people trying to sell them 2nd hand on bikesales!
  10. talk to your dealer. Maybe you can get a good price locked in? Always try calling around a few dealers and see who is willing to move on price...

    That being said out-of-stock items are usually difficult to get a good deal on...

    The blades are nice. Good choice :)