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Buy a repairable written off bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bruce Ngo, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, can I get the Authorization to repair a bike that Repairable written off if I were not the owner of the bike before it was written off? I plan to buy one which is repairable written off but as what i see in the 'Application to repair a write off vehicle' form from RMS website, we are unable to fix the bike if we weren't the owner of the bike before it was written off, unless we inherited it from the owner (means they must die). So is there any idea would help? very appreciate.

  2. Do not buy it. As you have seen on the RMS website. NSW will not allow you to register the bike. Walk away, the bike is cheap for a reason.
  3. means no way to get the Authorisation to repair? Can we re-register it in another state
  4. Vic you can, just need to pass VIV inspection which is roughly $500. Strict as hell though

    Myself and a mate bought a repairable write off, fixed it and sold it
  5. So is that able if I bring a repairable from other states to Vic to repair and re-register? Because the one I'm going to buy is in Queensland.
  6. Check the web site. I looked into one last year that was in nsw but written off in Vic. It had to be taken back to Vic and passed. U could not go through the nsw process. Forget about it.
  7. Didn't u buy a stat writeoff a couple of weeks back? Sounds like throwing good money after bad to me
  8. you can register it in Victoria