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buy a repairable write off- impact damage?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by skarekrow, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. hi guys,

    just seeking some opinions on whether i should buy a street triple from a private seller. According to the REVS check, it was classed as a "repairable write off impact damage" back in november last year.
    It passed a written off inspection a week and a half ago, and was then re-registered. Is there any way to find out what the damage was? It has a roadworthy certificate as well. This is in QLD if that's any help.
    Opinions? Should it be alright? Or is it better to let it go...

  2. It could be fine, or it could be bad. The only way is to talk to the guy and have a good look at the bike. If he's upfront about the damage and shows you all the receipts then it could be good.

    Ask him if the frame had been checked/aligned.

    also keep in mind it will be harder to on-sell later and as such it should be a fair bit cheaper for the same condition compared to other similar bikes on the market.
  3. Take it for a test ride. If it runs straight on a level road when you take your hands off the bars, the alignment won't be that far out. IIRC the Trip has a steel frame too, so cracks/fatigue/locked in stresses are less of an issue too.

    I'd expect the price to reflect its history though.
  4. thanks guys, i took it for a test ride and it seemed perfectly fine - the brakes worked well, seemed to track true and rode fine.

    is there any way to find out what was repaired, besides asking the seller? surely this would be recorded somewhere...
  5. Unless its cheap and I mean really cheap I would give it a miss...when you go to sell it it will still show on REVS as a repaired write off so you'll have more trouble selling... up to you, if it's substantially cheaper than a non write off used one though it may be worth a good look.
  6. it's an Oct 09 model and they go new for about $14k, this has 2600km's on it and he wants $10.5k...
    I'm not sure. That's it, the REVS will always carry this around with it, so future resale will always be affected. But the bike does seem to be in great condition. I'm just intrigued with what the "impact damage" might have been.

  7. Have a look here


    There is a bike there for almost 11k, similar k's too

    So really that bike is not what I would call cheap compared to other used bikes, certainly not cheap enough to tempt me anyway...a clear title will make it a hell of a lot easier to sell when you move on...if it's for a tracky or you'll never sell of course thats not an issue
  8. Im pretty sure that an Impact Damage is usually when there is 3 and/or more structural points that have been damaged.
    This would make it a Statutory Write Off!
  9. If the owner is up front about it he will show you the reciepts for the repairs. I would expect to pay $2-3K under the cheapest similar bike. It will be harder to sell in future.
  10. thanks all, much appreciated. looks like i'm still looking then! Cheers.
  11. Too pricey.
  12. Yeah, I'd be giving it a miss, too. Good decision. There will be others come up in the market. Be patient and you'll get a good one.
  13. thanks guys. guess i keep looking.