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Buy a new shock or rebuild the OEM?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. I can get my OEM shock re-valved with a new spring on it for between $350 - $450 locally, or get a new Ohlins shock that has also been re-valved with a new spring on it for $A868.00 delivered from the US of A.

    The OEM only has adjustable spring preload whereas the Ohlins has adjustable compression damping, spring preload and rebound damping.

    If the OEM one is setup right after a rebuild will it be of much benefit to have any adjustability anyway?

    Do you think that the Ohlins would perform $400 - $500 better than a rebuild OEM? I'm not interested in the bling factor.

    Are there any other options?

  2. Cam, somewhere along the line I've missed the part about you changing bikes!

    First off, overseas shocks may, or may not be actually reworked. I have heard and read of stories where the reworked shock was not touched. Generally, all they change is the spring and set it for your weight. Off the shel, most shocks seem to be in the 70-85kg range. Either side of that and you're probably still ok.

    Getting the OEM rebuilt correctly is the hard part. There are only two places I would recommend. There is one place you must NOT go to, for they are surely the worst I've seen.

    As to whether it is worth it, the FZ6 isn't a race bike and you will not get it as svelte as your last bike. So don't go chasing that, but you will always be able to improve on what you have. However, a rebuilt shock (and not all are rebuidable) would be set correctly for your weight and riding style. The only downside is that further adjustments cannot be done on the fly and would need further work. But, it's setup correctly the first time, the need to go an fiddle should be greatly reduced.

    Incidentally, you've got the same problem with the front forks. Have you factored in what you're going to do to them?

    I'll PM you the two places I'd recommend and the one I wouldn't.
  3. I've been laying low on that.

    That's my fear.

    I weigh 98kg unclothed.

    I've ordered some RaceTech stuff. It's floating it's way from America to me as we speak.
    .95 KG/MM FORK SPRINGS - $USD 90.00 FRSPS37329
    GOLD VLV EMULATOR 41MM - $USD 132.00 FEGVS4101
    $USD 20.98 shipping.

    Thanks heaps.