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Buy a car then cut it in half - We Did It!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hey Gang. I hope my two wheeled friends are all well. We've been busy getting the 4th Season of Mighty Car Mods ready to release (out today!) and I'm also happy to say I'm back on two wheels in the guise of a CT110 which I'm loving!

    Anyway we shot our first episode in Japan and we hope you like it!


    Hope you guys are all well. I'm still regularly lurking around these parts so hopefully catch up at a meet soon!


  2. hey Moog, I was hoping you guys hadn't chucked in the sponge! Good to see you back!
  3. At work and only had a quick browse. Car looked like in good condition, another JZX81 gone to car heaven :( Hope the 1JZ gets put to good use :twisted: Will need to watch it when I get home.
  4. That was a good watch Moog. Looked like a lot of fun.
  5. Soo..... I love the mighty car mod guys on youtube and I've noticed they have a bike or two in the background of the garage occasionally...

    I wish they would make mighty bike mods - or someone would!
    I would support it...

    Thought I would make this thread in an effort to drum up support, show the guys they should do it! (or pay me to)
  6. I'd accept a rocket launcher... Thatd be mighty cool
  7. Damn... We frequent different parts of youtube. Things blow up when my crowd modifies
  8. You do instructional videos of bike mods? That are high qual videos?
  9. Moog swings by here now and then, or used to.
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  10. They are far too busy these days running their own franchise and the aftermarket car scene is much much larger than the bike equivalent for them to do a mighty bike mods. Back in season 1 it was a talking point for an idea. Realistically that time has passed.
  11. Your thread has been merged with their last thread here.

  12. Thanks Justus! :)

  13. I volunteer to help with Mighty bike mods :p
    Let me know when I can start!
    Haha :)
  14. You just quoted a post from January last year. Please take care in future.

  15. I knew it was old mate - my thread got moved here.
    I was "replying" not quoting to ensure the correct party got my message.
  16. In that case I'll change "please take care in future" to "please use some intelligence in future". MCM operate in Sydney, not Melbourne. They have their own franchise and forums which are their primary mode of contact. Moog hasn't been seen here in 12 months and that was to reply to a PM. His last post here is the opening post of this thread. If you want to volunteer make yourself relevant to them.

  17. [​IMG]
  18. If I'm blunt that's because I don't have the inclination to pad it up with fills and lace for you.

  19. No problems mate, I forgive you. :)