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Buy a bike and get divorced

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MRSeBUNNY, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Hi all, so this is a rather stange thing to hear from a female I'm sure, but my wonderful husband to be and I are getting married in a few months and I've declared that I want to buy my very first bike.... he said if I do the wedding is off hahahaha.
    So as much as I love him, I'm looking at purchasing a Honda VT 400.
    I have seen a few reasonably priced and I'm happy to buy a second hand model, is there anything I should be aware with buying a second hand bike .. eg how many k's its done?

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  2. Uncle GregUncle Greg is probably the best one here for that sort of advice.

    Hi and welcome to the forum :playful:
  3. well
    where do I start

    tell him to grow up
    and if he refuses to
    tell him to fcuk off

    by the way
    do you make nice cake?
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  4. Welcome to NR...

  5. #5 MRSeBUNNY, Jan 27, 2016
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    Thank you :)

    Hahahaha love it, he's pretty good... I told him to go buy a boat lol...

    Cake...? I Guess ... but I'd rather be riding a bike ; )
  6. Howdy and welcome to NR. Regardless of whether you make nice cake, if a bike is something you want, then go forth and enjoy. Me personally? I don't bake. :happy:
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  7. what are your thoughts on soup then?
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  8. #8 MRSeBUNNY, Jan 27, 2016
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    Thank you :)

    Meh its okay when nanna makes it... you like food Uncle Greg?
  9. ooh yeah
  10. Hahahahah thanks ... what do you ride?
  11. VTR250 for now MRSeBUNNYMRSeBUNNY . The VT400 is a nice looking cruiser by the way. As for your original question, see if you can't take someone with you to view the bike. I took a chance on both my first bike and my second. The first was a good buy. The second one, I missed a few things. But I threw money at it and hey presto!....the things went away.
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  12. I know a few people that ride, but I'm not sure if they have the mechanical mind to be able to suss it out for me. I just dont want to buy a lemon...

    Ive concentrated more on looking for a bike than I have on wedding preparations hahaha
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  13. Good start. A girl's got to have her priorities right!
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  14. Hahaha should start with my RE's lol but wanted to learn on the bike I was going to be riding... have riden before but only dirt bikes
  15. Then you're one up on me. Never rode dirt bikes, just horses. I hope you've sat on the bike of your choice. I was convinced that an XV250 Virago cruiser was for me. And then I sat on it and it took about 30 seconds to realise that this was not the bike for me. Sit on others as well to get a feel for what might suit you best. It also helps if you're not vertically challenged, like me.
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  16. I went down to the local bike store and had a look around, I did take a seat on the vt and just fell in love. Its much bigger than I realised.
    Its quiet low to the ground too, I'm not as you say vertically challenged hahaha I am 5'10 but found it really comfortable to sit on.

    How long have you been riding?
  17. Almost 12 months and racked up almost 10,000 kms I've just realised. OMG, 5'10......crying here!

    There's plenty of threads about what to look for when buying a second hand bike. So have a look around and explore the site. There's a search function up top. Learn lots and good luck with it. It's a whole new world.
  18. Pretty simple, ditch the ball and chain, use the wedding money on a bike...find a real man!
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  19. welcome aboard :) good luck with the search for a bike
  20. My 2 cents worth, number of K's not as important (within reason) as a good service history record. Obviously if possible still get it looked over. Incase you're not sure, this logic can be used for acquiring a bike or a husband :p
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