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Buxton Pub Dinner Run 2014

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by cougs, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. There was a wide assortment of bikes & blokes (well OK, 6 of us…) that assembled in downtown Rowville on a sunny Monday evening with a singular purpose in mind….to sample the fine offerings of the Buxton Pub.

    The annual instigator – Gowen – has assembled the cream of the 2 wheeled crop for this sojourn – an FXD Harley, a Victory, Viffer, Triumph Thruxton and the newly released Yamaha Bolt….all that was missing was a ‘fully sik bro’ R1 and a postie bike…but I digress…

    The transport stage out Wellington Rd to Emerald passed without interference from too many makeup applying, text messaging Audi drivers and then it was into the hills to open the throttles. Whilst there was some evidence in places that Iraqi road builders had been practicing their pothole making mid corner the road was in relatively good nic and the scenery beautiful. The approach and transit of Healesville revealed a lot of smoke from the recent bush fires with the ever suffering folk of this area again enveloped in the acrid smell of nature’s destruction.

    With little traffic or roadside tax collectors evident the run through the Black Spur and Narbethong was spirited and fun – pegs were scraped, chicken strips eliminated and the V-Twins amongst the group ensured that a goodly portion of 95 octane was converted into loud noise. “If you sit around 10 over you’re usually pretty safe” opined 1 participant while the rest wondered how he had come to that conclusion having seemingly carried $1.40 in change most of the way…

    The next hour was spent comparing steeds, making up stories of past rides and manly deeds while listening to the gentrified Triumph rider’s complaints of excessive exhaust noise from the cruisers and relieving the pub kitchen of a few chicken parma’s.

    After washing it all down with some of CUB’s finest it was time to move off – this time heading into the stunning sunset highlighting the slowly recovering Marysville. Plod pulled over for a good look as we entered town but obviously realising we were on a mission from the road gods continued about his business to allow the group to again ascend the spur unimpeded. Much gear changing, knee, boot and peg scraping ensued and with little to be seen in the way of brake lights the refuel and ‘see ya next time’ handshake stop in Healesville came about in short time.

    New acquaintances were made, fun was had and as always the Bucky Pub turned on a ripper feed – I highly recommend you give it a try (even in a car for the mere muggles amongst us). Next year’s run is already eagerly anticipated…
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  2. I certainly like that ride but only during weekdays and not during school holidays.

    Picking a weekday early evening ride was certainly a good move.