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Buxton Burgers/Igloo Road house.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Portagrug, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Hey Victorians.

    So.. some might already be aware that the home of Buxton burgers has changed hands..

    Mrs Portagrug is tutoring the new owners daughter.. and they were having a chat tonight..

    Hammy is the new owner and Hammy is Iranian. Hammy has already had 3 out of 7 staff walk out on day one because these country hick backpackers didnt want to work for an "Indian"..

    Hammy has promised to not change the burgers one bit.. and spent weeks learning the secrets and art of the burgers..

    If you want these hallowed burgers to continue.. please make sure to go in and say hi to Hammy and buy a burger.. im also attaching the new menu.. (not many changes) and the phone number.. feel free to call ahead and book a burger! he mentioned he had to turn people away on Australia day weekend due to lack of food :)

    I myself still havnt sampled a Buxton Burger and will be making a trip specifically this weekend to try one..

    So folks.. Dont be a racist.. go and have a Buxton Burger!!

    Thanks. img002.
  2. Organise a ride Porta-Loo........we'll bring the burger munching crowd......

    To be sure.......ring ahead.
  3. i was there a couple of weeks back, the burgers are still as good as they always were, we did wait an hour for them but there was 12 of us to be fair. Good on em!
  4. Couple of weekends fro now BitSar im going this sunday for a private toodle and following weekend ill be touring the better (open) bits of the high country..
    Might pre arrange a March run.. Ill give Hammy notice so he can gear up for it.
  5. General motorcycling? You will make baby Justus cry!
  6. I couldnt find the "post a menu of a favorite lunch stop and dont be racist" area. :(
  7. favourite lunch stop might be umm...I dont know... the pub!

    I was there on Tuesday and the burger was divine. It was a little bit of a wait given we were the only two there so I think they'll struggle with crowds at the moment. Didn't bother us though as we had no where to get to in a hurry anyway.
  8. Sounds like a plan :D
  9. I've never heard of this place - I take it it's a well-known biker food stop and/or placed near convenient twisties?
  10. Yep.. its near the spurs and has worlds best burgers.. what more could you want..

    and thanks jazzfan.. i think.. :)
  11. I'm not familiar with the place, but if Mrs Portagrug is teaching them how to make burgers, then she or you were the previous owners, how have you not tasted the burger?
  12. Sooooo close.. but no.. Mrs Portagrug is tutoring the new owners daughter while she completes year 12..
  13. Mrs Portagrug is in year 12? You sly dog you :p
  14. oh god.. (facepalm) actually.. orright.. fine.. Yes she is.. and I rock!! :p
  15. Two plates and two sets of cutlery? Amateurs! I can feel my arteries hardening already...

  16. Cutlery??!! what?? fingers broken?
  17. nb. Trashing Portagrug's thread with racial crap is not going to be tolerated.

    (Thread reinstated and moved to the Pub).

  18. Learner Tip 1 - Dont forget you have to get back on the bike after the burger. Its no fun riding while so full you cant sit straight on your bike or are falling asleep.
  19. Right o folks.. topic moved after some discussion.. thanks to our fair and reasonable Mods.

    I am not the new owner of Igloo road house.. I do not have ANY financial interest in the business.. The end!.. i cant even cook a good burger.. there .. i said it.. best i can do is burnt toast..

    Carry on.