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Butters the BMW

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BrooklynCrook, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Here she is!


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  2. Very nice. Good to start with a solid bike. Enjoy it.

  3. impressive...not many bmw's i appreciate but this is truly a nice piece of work
  4. I feel like I'm flying around on a dirty again... The extra 20h.p doesn't go astray either.
    It's a well crafted machine, will do for me for a few years to come.
  5. Yep, that's nice looking bike - the colours work well. What's it like to ride compared to the Hyo?
  6. Hahahaha. I've also owned a Hyo and BMW...

    The bike looks good... Is it a single or the parallel twin?
  7. There is no comparison... The Hyo was twitchy, gutless, chunky and hard work. This just slices through the road like butter (hence Butters). If I had known just how much the Hyosung was holding me back I would have thrown it off a cliff two and a half years ago but better now than never.
    I'm probably biased but it's going to take something g pretty amazing for me to ever consider something other than BMW again. Yeah they're more expensive but you can see where every dollar went..
  8. She's a single, Superunknown. Thumper! Looking at pipes at the moment, I want this thing to scream like a dirty fourby!
  9. Lovely bike, congratulations, you sound very happy, and no wonder!
  10. It's a bmw hence an excellent bike.
    A pipe will make it growl and rumble.
    You don't want it nor can it scream like a 4 pot all noise no go.
  11. Well it's certainly different looking, in true bmw fashion. Not my taste but I imagine being a beemer it will be well built.

    Sounds like you're enjoying it and long may it continue for you. Have fun.
  12. Looking gewd.
    With a named like Butters don't need to change much to Butthurt.
  13. Nice wheels, much better than the hyo that is for sure. Bet you dont want to stop riding butters :)

    ENJOY :)
  14. Cool looking bike, congrats! Next pic should be of you doing a wheelie :p
  15. I don't think I've ever seen one of those before? Grats, getting a new ride is always sweet :)
  16. Haha a wheelie huh....? Ill think About that one...

    I've racked up 500km on it since Friday, can't find anything to whinge about and that's a big call coming from a chick!


    Thanks guys..
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  17. Great you have clocked up that many klicks good on ya!!!
  18. So many talk, yet not many actually do, hats off to a RIDER :)
  19. Then you should really consider an Aprilia.
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