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butt flickers...what to do?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Despite what many of you are probably thinking, i am not referring to you and your mates at the gym, in your tight, tight speedos, getting out the wet towels and being all playfull and shit, as you giggle and carry on like catholic lesbian schoolgirls....yes, you know who you are.
    Nay, i refer to the losers in their lumbering cars, who casually extend their arm out the window to ash their ciggarettes in my face...and then, just flick the butt right at me....i could be wrong but it does strike me as rather rude.
    Heading home from work last night, i was behind *doof doof uhuh uhuh yueah* in his 'i just wannabe speshial' conformodoore...and that's pretty much what i copped untill he turned off and flicked the still lit butt at me...no amount of gesturing whilst behind him got his attention of course, because doof doof recently got so stoned he thought it was a great idea to plaster a giant sticker over his rear view...and i'm not sure i really wanted him to pull over anyway because theres no way to tell he's when about to, because his rear lights are painted black from the inside, and it's probably fair to assume his cound'nt find his indicator stalk if you shoved it up his arse...i also think trying to communicate to him verbally would have little effect anyway...it's unlikely doof doof can hear anymore and he probably could'nt process sentences and stuff unless you were very patient and drew pictures...
    i'll probably see doof doof again on my daily commute, it's possible he leaves work at the same time as me..
    Now, how can i send a clear message to doof doof to help him fully appreciate just how angry i am with him?

  2. That's an absolute pet hate of mine. Try this:


    I've never gone there yet, but everytime it happens I swear to myself that one day I will...
  3. The epa route has been discussed here with much heat and hate already. Just be prepared to stand up in court if doof doof decides to contest it.

    Just remember whatever you say to him is from behind a helmet and you are wearing gloves with big f-off hard knuckles. I am sure that as thick as doof doof is he won't want to start trouble with a power ranger!
  4. ive been known to have a few 'words' with people who do this. not only is it littering its disrespectful to other road users.
    we need a similar reporting method up here. and yeah carbon fibre shuts people up.
  5. ...they don't mean to be so rude you know!!! [-X (yeah right!!!!)

    ... it's just that they don't see you!! :rolleyes:.....

    the :jerk: 's!!
  6. Many moons ago I picked up a but that had been flicked and dropped it through the open sunroof of the tossers car at an angle that saw it land on the vacant rear seat of the newish Fairlane.
    That reaction was fun to watch and no one is going to mess with someone while they're worried their 50k car might catch fire. Try it:grin:
  7. last time it happend to me, i lane split up next to the guy, took a scrunched up recipt out of my pocket and threw it into his car & said "dont litter" (probably didnt hear me though)

    great sense of satisfaction
  8. He's not the only person who would have a hard time finding their indicator stalk if someone shoved it up his arse. I'd be confused for days at the ticking coming from my pants.

    And you talk about lesbian catholic school girls like they're a pandemic or something! It's a beautiful thing dammit!
  9. thus why i use my jacket pockets as bins. always plenty of ammo. one of the f_ckers did it this morning in front of me. now.. i smoke a touch and do all possible not to be a pig. what really gets me is the ones who just ever so casually think they can litter all day long...i can say 100% that about 99% of any issues i have had with other road users is the pricks who throw sh_t out their window.
    thus throw it back at them. always good when the butt is still alight
  10. That's gold!

    Many years ago I did something similar with a chocolate milk container, returned it through the sunroof of a nice Jag, it landed in the tosser's lap. Pity he'd only drunk half of it.:rofl:
  11. Ah the good old days when, thanks to current technology, you always had an excuse for carrying a few spare spark plugs in your left hand jacket pocket......
  12. Saw a woman throw her ciggy butt out the window at a stop - some ash went into my face.

    I was VERY tempted to throw the butt back into her window, but there was no way to split to the front (narrow road) so I decided not to.

    It would be funny though because she could not accuse me of wrongdoing without incriminating herself.
  13. Someone here talked about introducing a well-shaken and just-opened (or, better, partially opened) can of softdrink into the window by way of recompense. Couldn't condone that or anything, of course...
  14. ...and in particular I could not responsibly draw your attention to the fact that although Diet Coke fizzes better, all that sugar makes the Real Thing a lot harder to clean off...
  15. Reminds me of some smartarse guy hassling me and my brother at the lights one day (in a car) about 20 years ago. Had just been to a burger place - my brother in the passenger seat had a large chocolate thickshake in his hand. "Hey, he looks like he needs that..." as the light went green he threw it in the drivers window, it clipped the windscreen pillar and burst open, covering the guy in frozen thickshake and spraying over the inside of his windscreen and dash. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, I can still see it today. We pissed off pretty quick, but I could hardly drive I was laughing so hard....... laughing as I write this..... :rofl:
  16. :rofl:
    You ROCK !!!!