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But Mr Plodd, I'm allowed to ride in bus lanes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rockjob, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. (music)Like a virgin, pull over for the very first time(/music) God thats an old, awful song....

    First time pulled over ever today. Sydney near Liverpool. Intersection of cabramatta road and cumberland highway(BP& hungry jacks on the corner). I was heading southbound. There is a Bus Lane at the front of the lights that extends from the left turning lane.

    Since it actually has bus lane written on it, I figured that means I can use it. (I know I'm not suppose to use the bus only lanes).

    There was a cop in the traffic queue. So after I make the jump at the lights, he lights up and flys down the 3rd lane and follows me and pulls me over in that turning bay outside krispy kremes.

    Cop: "Why do you think I pulled you over"
    Me: "I'm gonna guess it was the bus lane"
    Cop: Motioning at my bike "That doesn't look like a bus to me, does it"
    Me: "No, but bikes are allowed to use bus lanes. We cant use bus only lanes, but if you look that one, it has "Bus Lane" written on it. So I figured i could use it"

    Then he gives me an RBT and says that hes only gonna give me a warning this time and doesnt want me to use that lane anymore because "It annoys other drivers when you get infront of them". I pretty much held my tongue at this point.

    Cops hold a pretty good poker face, but I think I might have had him on the backfoot.

  2. haha!

    You played it perfectly. Thing is, if you get smart on him then he'll only ping you for some minor "defect" that he makes up. So best to leave it with him thinking he has the upper hand.

    Hopefully he will go back to the station and ask his colleagues for clarification, but we won't hold our breath will we?
  3. we would hate to 'annoy those other drivers' now wouldn't we? :p
  4. Well Done!!!
    I am assuming this is also correct in Victoria ??
    Didn't realise we could use a 'Bus Lane"
  5. I think i have some links in my signature about the rules. I'd check with your RTA equliviant for VIC. If you get it wrong, I hear the coppers down there will push each other out of the way trying to fine you first :p
  6. +1

    Well handled, cops from around that area seem to be on a major power trip.
    Anyone who drives a sports car or rides a motorbike is instantly suspected of wrong doing and will be a) followed or b) closely watched as you go by.
  7. Vic bus lanes are for buses only! With a few exceptions regarding turning etc..
  8. Offtopic

    I've only driven (and rode) through Liverpool a few times; your profile says you live there evox, so I'm sure you know better, but...

    ... you've surely seen how massively skewed Liverpool's driver demographic is toward "young male driver with SS Commodore or high-power jap import" and the driver behaviour that goes with it, right?

    You don't feel that the police in that area are justified to keep an eye out for hoons, in what is for all intents and purposes Sydney's hoon-central? :p
  9. I was positive that I'd read that in Vic we could ride in bus lanes, but not in bus only lanes. Then I read this thread, and went back and looked at the regulations. Sure enough - no riding in bus lanes in Vic.

    Lucky for me, too! There is a bus lane near my place that I've been eying off as an easy way to dodge some traffic and tram tracks. Now I know not to ride in it.
  10. *sigh* guess I'm taking the bait but you don't get out of wollongong much do you spots?......

    Those testosterone heavy drivers live all over believe me and some, like the guy I saw last month at 2am doing a mono up bathurst st sydney even ride bikes!
  11. dont think so. im pretty sure there are "bus" and "bus only" lanes...but i may be wrong
  12. According to http://www.ridetek.com.au/pdfs/VicRiderPartA06.pdf (which links to the pdf of the 2006 Victorian Rider Handbook):

    You must not ride your motorcycle in tram lanes, bus lanes, bicycle lanes or other lanes designated for special vehicles. Exceptions permitted under the road rules are when entering or leaving the road or where you otherwise have to cross the lane, or where signs indicate you may do so.

    (p 10)
  13. See, I know I'm taking the bait here but I'll bite anyway. Living in Newcastle, Sydney, Mackay, Melbourne and now Wollongong doesn't count at all, does it? :roll:

    Of course Liverpool's not the only place in the world with hoons. I don't recall saying it was. Does it have a disproportionately high number of them? I sure think it does.
  14. i stand corrected
  15. Im with spots here. Sometimes it is "dodge the riced civic or 180sx"
  16. I ride in the bus lane from Mays Hill to Parramatta each morning. This morning I had a police motorbike follow me for a period , until we got to a set of lights that where red, I stayed in the bus lane and he moved into the normal lane. I looked at him , as I knew he was behind me before, and nodded to him , and he replied with a nod as well. Guess there not all the dicks that they often try to be.
  18. I had always thought it was illegal, good to know!
  19. Don't care where you lived, if you've only driven through liverpool a few times - as stated - you can hardly know what your're talking about. Nothing personal, I just think your're wrong. :cool:
  20. Can the relevant mod place this into politics and the law and I'll make portions of it a sticky as there is some useful legal information in this.