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But Mr Plod I'm late for my Oztag game

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dcsrhat, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. So already a bit late for my Oztag game tonight. Pass a paddy wagon about 2 kms from the fields, taking it easy of course riding in a civil manner. See in my rear vision mirror that the paddy wagon is now behind me, turn left into the road leading to the football fields and there is Mr Plod behind turning left with me, all of a sudden the familiar red and blue lights go on. Can't find anywhere to pull over as cars parked to the left so continue about 200 metres and pull into a side street. They pull in behind me and get out, one officer says no problems mate, just wanted to check out your bike and while we're here we'll give you a breath test. I accommodate, all is well, then we have a chat about bikes for 10 minutes. Both officers are great, telling me about their exploits with Huskys and KTMs and popping wheelies on Putty Road. Good chat, too bad I was 5 minutes late for my Oztag game......we lost anyway!

    Just thought I'd share....not all cops are w@#nkers!
  2. yeah but all cops stereotype bikers :p otherwise they wouldn't have followed you. how many times you get pulled over in your car with the cops just wanting to have a chat...
  3. Yes they are, lost my licence because of them.
  4. I'm sure it wasn't the two I met last night!! ;-)

    Besides, was it because of them or because you were braking the law regardless of how insane the rules may have been?
  5. Yeah but bikes are much more interesting to chat about ;-) .....but these two seemed genuinely interested in bikes, they were chatting about theirs for quite some time....or maybe I'm just naive
  6. Of course I was breaking the law, and deserve everything I got, but that's not taking away the fact that they're wankers and pick on people with nice bikes.

    I was out on a ride with another bike when a White SS came along side us and began to tempt us in to a race. luckily there were a set of lights up ahead so we had to decline the invitation.
    Pulled along side the car only to realise there were to detectives in it.

    Yeah those were great popos
  7. I would have followed you too...(no I'm not a cop). I'm yet to come across a Shiver on the rd. Care to do a bit of a writeup on it in the Bike Reviews section? This is number one on my upgrade list. Plus you've got an 08 model - would love to hear your thoughts on it.
  8. Never mind - just found it. :) Care to give us an update on how you're finding it? :grin:
  9. Sorry mate, not too sure what you're on about.....Please explain?
  10. I thought it'd be obvious considering it's following on from my post immediately before it... but just to clarify, I'm kinda hijacking the thread and asking for info. on the Shiver. ;)
  11. :rofl:

    lol I love these confused posts

    ...I'm not sure how much clearer I can make it for you :? ...
  12. Sure, I've had it a few months now so can write about my exploits with it. But so not to hijack my own original thread I'll post a new one in the Bike Reviews section shortly. :)
  13. :? But you ride an R1... :?

  14. Another interesting conundrum.

    We biatch when people don't do their job properly, yet we biatch when the cops do.

    I don't get it actually. There's posts on here of desk jockies not doing their job when a bike's reported stolen, yet when someone gets done for whatever traffic violation, everyone's on their case. Can't have your cake and eat it.

    It's the age old saying". "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime".

    It's not their fault certain laws are a total screw up. They don't make them. Take your frustrations out on the dickheads who do, the un-informed/mis-informed Pollies that have no idea what's going on in the real world. Hardwired headlights is one that comes to mind.

    Like any other profession, they have their good and their bad.

    It's a well documented fact that a good majority of people who get fined, would have been let off with a warning if they'd only just shut their mouths and/or been polite and accomodating(this is provided you aren't doing 3 times the legal speed limit whilst pulling off the mono of all mono's :facepalm: .

    Just for the record, the majority of cops i've found to be the worst, are the one's still in nappies, just out of the accademy and think their shit don't stink. No "people" skills whatsoever & pretty much think everyone's a criminal ](*,) .

    BTW: A good mate(yes, a cop) said to me(after telling him I was followed by a HP car for 10 odd k's), just pull over, and if they stop & ask why, just say, well, it's a no brainer. If you follow me long enough I probably will break a law at some point of time.
  15. Good to hear a good cop story. I know some still see it as harassment but you can't please the people who will hate the cops no matter what. Until of course it comes time to call them because someone is breaking into your house with you in it! Then they'll be their best mates.