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But it's a Dodge

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by DisgruntledDog, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Car Boat

  2. Car... Boat... Dodge...

    They were already the same thing. What's changed?
  3. Ooo, I'm glad I watched that till the end ;)
  4. That's really cool.

    Except the name.

    "Hyuk... Hey, Billy-Bob Jnr. What would you be callin a car that like, goes on the water?"

    "Urrr... A Water Car?"

    "Billy-Bob Jnr. You're a goddamn genius."
  5. If it's a dodge, Al Bundy should have been driving it....
  6. I can't see it working all that well... some of those yanks just have too much money.

  7. I drive a Dodge but it aint like that one, still a chick magnet though! :rofl:

    Who new that USA had so many CUBs?
  8. Now if they could make an amphibious motorcyle, that would make commuting a cinch.
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  10. Pretty tacky if you ask me, but you gotta appreciate the engineering side of such things.

    At least these guys seem know their target market pretty well. Gansta rappers will be drooling over that thing.