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But I don't wanna register my bike in Victoria!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by QuarterWit, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hello everybody.

    Well, I moved to Victoria a couple of years ago and have transferred my drivers licence to Vic. My bike, however, is still rego'd in NSW. As it was purchased as a new grey import it doesn't require a roadworthy inspection for the first 5 years. If I renew in June, that'll be the last renewal I'm allowed.

    I've been told I have to transfer the bike onto Victorian plates in an appropriate period of time. It's been a while now, and I'm just wondering if it's going to cause me heartache if I'm pulled over by Victoria's finest?

    I'd like to keep it rego'd in NSW as I -may- be moving back within the next year. Transferring it to Vic is bloody easy and cheap, but transferring it back to NSW, where it'd have to go over the pits, would be an absolute nightmare for my bike. I'd like to avoid having to do that by paying a little extra but keeping NSW plates.

    Phew. Hope I've made it clear.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  2. I have driven in Vic for 3 years with my old 4x4 registered in qld, never had a problem. Current one is still registered in NSW, and no comments on it either.

    A few times I have had to get a blue slip in NSW, i came back to collect the car, to find it hadn't moved.... -_- (At a major dealership)

    Blue slip is not much more of a concern then a pink slip, as long as the bike is generally in good condition(good tires, lights work, etc.) you won't have a problem.
  3. Yeah, I just don't have fenders, mirrors, exhaust etc etc. It's hassle I don't really want, y'know?
  4. QW seems you can pop into any authorised inspection mechanic, one suited to motorcycles or not. Seems the general opinion is to go to a car orientated mechanic. although it would probably be worth putting some mirrors on, I saw someone using those $5 jobs from Kmart for pushies....
  5. Really? A mate of mine told me he had to take his vehicle to the RTA for the inspection there. Hmm...
  6. its an option the RTA has.

    But it's only a problem if you change the registration, you could also leave the rego in VIC as well.
  7. Isn't Vic probably far more expensive?
  8. Nah, fat chance - mine is $660 or so for the green slip. $100.00 for rego.

    For a 400cc motorbike. Amazing really.
  9. When I got the TRX, I left the NSW plates on it till the rego ran out, then, changed it over to Vic.

    I think that was about 5 months, (or less than 14 days if anyone official asks) & didn't have any trouble. You could probably pull it off if you stay under the radar.

    With changing it over, because the bike had been registered it NSW, all I needed was a RWC & all the relevant paper work, no vicroads inspection.

    If you can find someone to give you a RWC as is you should be fine, if you wanna go down that path.

    If you are pulled over, then you are just down for work, or a holiday, definately not living here. Although, if you have a Vic license... Which you haven't got around to changing back to NSW... I think you have 14 days to do that also...
  10. Jesus h christ.

    I love the profiteering.
  11. the fact you have transferred your license but not your rego does give an officer a window. I'd still risk it.
  12. Yeah, I had to do my licence as I changed my firearms licence stuff down here. Didn't want to take any gambles with that...
  13. Im guessing your family is in NSW, and if so, just get it registered under one of them!
  14. QuarterWit,

    I ran into a similar dilema/problem some time ago with a former bike (GSXR750K7). As I bought the bike off my brother, who was living in Sydney at the time, he had transported it to Melbourne, still on NSW registration.

    I can't suggest that what worked for me might work for you, but if you have a registered address in Sydney (family, friend, girlfriend, girlfriends :)) etc, you could claim that although you have a Vic licence, your bike remains in Sydney (garaged there) and that you ocassionally ride Melb-Syd-Melb etc.

    With my girlfriend in Sydney, and my Gixxer 'garaged' there, I never bothered changing it over till I sold it and then, of course, the new owner took care of the transfer fees ;) There are loopholes in every system.

    Food for thought.
  15. Yep, definately food for thought!

    I'm also tracking down the difference between TAC and CTP. From what little I know, TAC will cover you for single-vehicle accidents, but CTP only covers you if it involves another vehicle. Might be worth changing it down, with all the associated hassle, for that reason alone.
  16. Wouldn't you have to pay stamp duty though?
  17. Got a comparative quote again.

    It'll cost me around $750 to keep my bike on the road in NSW.

    And around $400.00 in Vic.

    Can't compare... guess if I do move to NSW the rego will stay here.
  18. Bin it on a sprited Spurs run all by yourself and the TAC covers all the medical costs but under the NSW system you're on your own and rehab costs a lot of money that Health Insurance & Medicare doesn't cover 100%.
  19. But they privatised it to make it cheaper, so it must be.
  20. Hasn't this been corrected with the new levy (2 years at least now)?

    Personally I think it's time we went over to personal driving insurance rather than vehicular CTP.