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Busy intersection, bike dies. No power!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by smidge, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. The bikes a week old (to me, 4 years to the world)

    i get to an intersection turning right across oncoming traffic, every riders favourite thing i know. Still getting used to the throttle and clutch of my new bike i find a clear spot and go to move off... CLUNK the bike stalls.

    'WTF learn how to use the clutch d**khead!' goes through my mind as i punch the starter button but then looking down to realise the dash is off and the bikes got no power at all!

    i do the duck paddle of shame to the side of the road after getting beeped at 40 times and find a quiet spot. Nothing, bike doesn't want to start. No allen keys in the tool box to get the fuel tank off and get to the battery (there is now..) so i ring my mate who says he'll head down with some tools and jumper cables

    i move the bike about 5 meters to a safer spot and just for giggles punch the starter... brooom, bike comes back to life..

    i HATE intermittent electrical problems they are the worst, as i really don't want the bike conking out on me in situations like that

    what could it be i think? Dodgy alarm install? pannier indicator wiring frayed or not done proply? looks like a short circuit and i swear i could hear sparking when i turned the key..

    anyway, back on the bike and make it home, rip the tank off with allen keys to discover the positive terminal sitting loose on the battery!

    glad it was something so simple but no idea why it wasn't done up tight to begin with...

    all better now

    thats my story.
  2. Wouldn't be an alarm issue, once they deactivate they don't reactivate. Sounds to me like an issue with a power/earth.

    Step 1: Check earth connections on the battery and to the chassis and engine.

    Step 2: Check power connections on the battery and fuse box, as well as power going to your ignition barrel (if this looses it's input power you would have seemed to have lost all power).

    Step 3: If you still find nothing, check your power at certain intervals (fuse box and ignition barrel and SLIGHTLY move the wiring harness SLIGHTLY, as you're replicating the movement it might be receiving whilst the bike is operating).

    Can't be much else bud, if you've still found nothing from then you'll need to go down further. But I'd be majorly surprised if something like the CDI module or such was buggered as it only controls your engine operation and should not affect dash lights etc.
  3. Bloke at work was having a devil of a time with a bike he bought wth similar problems and not startin at times, finally found the mechanic when servicing before he picked up the bike hadn't tightened in the spark plugs :facepalm: , least you found the problem quickly with the battery lead and can hopefully have long problem free rides now
  4. took it for a good ride tonight and adjusted the idle also which has solved my problems with it being a bit hard to get off the line...

    no issues with power at all... love it when its the simple things!
  5. I had the same problem with my bike (Buell XB12S) - months later after changing multiple parts and going over it with a fine tooth comb, the problem remained.

    The solution? Replace the entire wiring harness...whatever the problem was, it fixed it...thank God it was done under warranty!
  6. Glad to hear to hear it was an easy fix even if it did cause a briefly embarassing scene and that you're back on two wheels. :wink:

    Speaking of adjusting things, can you email me the VTR250 shop manual at your convenience, Marty? It's running wonderfully, but you never know when you'll need it, and I dont want to be without it when I do.
  7. What??? You said the lights were all out and that indicates its electrical... Then you adjust the idle and its problem solved?
  8. Main wiring harness might be coming loose or ignition switch. Was the first problem I had with my R6, happened the same way as you at a set of lights.
  9. Smidge, I do understand. Been there, done that. :oops:

    Enter the intersection like a highflyin' asphalt eagle; depart (as you so elegantly say) "doing the duck walk of shame".

    I am glad to hear you found and fixed the problem so quickly.
  10. I get caught out by skimming written information sometimes, but you guys take the cake.

    Read the OP again.


    Yeah I've had the same problem on the Trumpy except it tends to be the earth terminal.
  11. lol I didn't understand what you meant by this post until I DID reread the OP. Haha...ohhhhh...so THAT was the problem. No need for diagnostics then :LOL: stupid skim reading between clients.... :mad:
  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    im sorry but your post is just so much more effective when you have a good look at your avatar whilst reading it :LOL: