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  1. Yep got done last night for speeding. 68 in a 50 zone (honestly thought the speed limit was 60 though :? ) Shouldn't have been speeding in the first place but what bugs me is the fact that they were hiding behind a parked car and pointing the laser gun over the top of it. I was always under the impression that with laser guns they were not allowed to hide behind anything. If someone could clarify this for me it would be great.

  2. I almost got done this morning :LOL:
    Thankfully I slowed down to perve on a bike/r getting set to leave from their driveway ;)
  3. Police are allowed to do that, it's speed camera's that are not allowed to be purposefully hidden
  4. You're screwed :(
  5. Since you got pinged it must have not been behind anything.

    When I was pinged in Altona the cop was in a driveway behind the fence but he gun was peeping out the window.
  6. So where was it?
    (and BTW, you might like to think carefully about the way you phrase that, Eswen. You know what this lot are like :? )
  7. Cheers for that. The bugger scared the shit out of me when he jumped out from behind the parked car and into my line. I had to swerve and break hard just to miss him (by then I was probably doing about 80 or something :LOL: ) He was pretty cool about it though. Even said to me that it was lucky he got me further down the road :p So $280, 4 demerit points later and a lesson learned.........
  8. There was a parked car on the side of the road. Two cops had their bikes parked out of view and they were hiding behind the car, pointing the laser guns over the top of the parked car.

    Yeah I know. I was never going to contest the fine. I was speeding so ill cop it on the chin and pay up. Just wanted to know if they were allowed to hide.
  9. $280 and 4 points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I was just thinking the same thing!

    In perth i think that speed would be $100 and 1 point if i'm not mistaken.
  11. er i ment i almost gone done by a camera :p
    on westgarth street, fairfield/northcote, just before the train line.
  12. Get a copy of the Aust standards and set up standards for Radars and you will find they are not to be set up within a certain distance of metal objects , so shooting over a car means they breached the standards and thats contestable .
  13. B@stards. Thanks Es.
    And also, does anyone know if 4 points is actually correct? It's been ages since any of the official websites have been updated but the ones I found all say it should have been 3 points for that speed.
  14. they can hide wherever they want with lasers, theres one prick who hides behind the bus stop shelter near my joint and pokes the gun out the side. Yep saving lives sure.
  15. Im just assuming its 4 points. I got done for 18km over when I had my P's in the cage. Cop said it was instant loss of licence as that speed accrued 4 demerit points and thats all you get on P's over here. Luckily he wasn't an asshole and he waived the breach of P's offence so I just got a big fine
  16. Geeze that sucks, I got done for 81 in a 60 when I was on my p's and that was only 3 points and $130 buck here in brissy (ok so it was 10 years ago though).

    That one that really hurt was getting done by a bike cop for doing 71 in a 70 zone. He thought it was a 60 zone untill I pointed out the sign. He probably would have let me off if I hadn't have called him a few choice names and commented on the size of his clothing. (I may have said it was time to get his lard ass a new pair of those tights that bike coppers wear up here, because the one's he was wearing didn't leave too much to the imagination).

    I deserved it and didn't fight it.
  17. Hey Groberts.

    Laser technology (Free Space Optics) are not affected by metal objects such as roofs of cars. Although, what can effect the older technology used by the police is Solar radiation / reflections as intensified off of the roof of a clean car.......

    As to the person that lost their points - sorry.