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Busted fuel tank on car - driver oblivious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TCShadow, May 5, 2009.

  1. So I'm riding to work this morning(5:30am) along condomine st in manlyvale and start smelling petrol... a lot of the stuff not just a whiff... I'm thinking if it's the bike I shouldn't really be smelling it since the wind should blow it out behind me before it gets ni the helmet...

    It's not smoke... it's definitely raw petrol.

    It clears a bit after a while and i continue along burnt bridge creek deviation until i hit the lights on sydney rd... then it hits me again and this time it's strong as hell like i'm in some outback community with lots of time on my hands.

    I look at the car in front and see what looks like someone's turned on a tap on full flow coming out from under the car... oh wtf never seen anything like it... series 5 BMW with litres and litres of petrol spilling out from underneath it. The driver happy as pie takes off at speed.... So I think to myself this can't be terribly safe lets try and flag this tool down to tell him his car is causing a bit of a road hazard... Start beeping my horn, and flashing my high beams(guy remains completely oblivious) all the way down the road to the spit, all the way over past the speed camera and i lose him around the bends as he floors it and i slow down to go around the bends in the wet with this clown throwing fuel down in my path...

    I eventually catch him on the straight all the way on military road after he turns right past that big traffic light at the big jewellers store... pull up next to him holding down the horn and waving at him to pull over and cut the engine...

    He gets the hint, pulls over into a side street, winds down his window when i tell him his fuel tank is busted open and he's dumping fuel like a jumbo about to land... his reply *surprise on face* "really?"

    Yeh really you tool... you thought someone threw fuel down all over the road while you were driving along and didn't think to check your own car?


    So if anyone was wondering why mosman smells like petrol this morning... this is why. I called the fire brigade when i got to work but the sleepy yawning guy on the phone said "it's probably all evaporated by now, thanks for calling"

  2. Next time say "Yippee kai yay, mother****er" and throw your lit cigar in the trail of fuel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2.

  3. I can imagine that now with the number of drivers I've seen smoking and throwing their cigarette butts out of the window while it was still lit...that would have been disastrous.

    phong =P~
  4. There was plenty of fuel coming out to do that... even at 80+ kmh he was leaving a trail about 8 inches wide... If he'd thrown some flame out of the exhaust as cars sometimes do he most likely would have caught fire.

    Would have been an interesting test to see how fast the fuel burns along the line and seeing him try to outrun it lol
  5. for the first bit - mythbusters couldn't light a puddle of fuel on the floor with a ciggy.

    for the second, j. clarkson has proved you can outrun a petrol fire in a car fairly easily.
  6. Mythbusters did that and busted it.

    IIRC, the fumes dissipate very quickly, and the flame travels quite slowly.

    e: beaten, was looking for a youtube vid :p
  7. i have seen cigarettes put out by dipping them in petrol. And open flame along petrol doesn't quite burn as quick as the movies suggest(Mythbusters did this one)... You should of got a cup out and added it to the bike!
  8. I had a problem like that once - old shitbox '88 astra (I must like '88 vehicles...). The hose from the fuel pump had split and was leaking a fair bit of fuel from under the car. I only noticed it when I stopped and copped the smell. Can't really see it in the rear view because of the angle and that was in a hatchback, a larger sedan would make even less obvious I rkn.

    I don't think the guy deserves being abused for that. Maybe for ignoring you but then maybe he just thought you were raging at him for something else.
  9. Did you really expect him to notice it? He wouldn't have smelt anything, and unless you were expecting to see something on the road behind you, would you look? The only chance would have been to notice the fuel gauge dropping unusually quickly.
    I can't help wondering whether stopping wouldn't be more dangerous (kinda like the movie 'Speed'). At least it was dissipating when he was moving. Stop and it would just pool.
  10. hmmmm lets look at the factors in this situation,
    BMW, Sydney North Shore, i am not surprised that he was oblivious to what was happening.
    After all he probably had his head firmly planted up his own arse.

    A bit like the 4wd drivers we have in the Eastern Suburbs.
  11. The smell was behind him. No way could he have noticed it.
  12. ^^^ he wouldnt have a fuel gauge next to his speedo the changed drastically everytime he checked his speed going through the spit rd speed cameras (just to cover my ass, are these still there? havnt been on that road in years)
  13. Yes unfortunately they are still there and the numbers are increasing, so much so, soon we will be able to make a short film just by riding fast up to palmy.
  14. :LOL: that's gold. Good on you for getting him to stop, most people wouldn't bother. I think a bit of Yipee Kai Ayy would have been the order of the day, even if u didn't throw the cigarette.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: this made my day.

    it's a shame bruce doesn't make too many movies like this anymore.

    see last boy scout for more of the same
  17. well i guess the BM driver wouldnt have booted it if you had calmly approached him now eh.. location, car, head in ass have nothing to do with the fact that if what you think is a looney trying it on makes you boot it to get away. and no he wouldnt have smelt it while in motion..
  18. I didn't do anything wierd he actually had no clue that I was trying to flag him down for the most part... He was very very oblivious to his general surroundings... And motion or not when he stopped at the Burnt Bridge Creek Sydney RD intersection he dropped a good 5L of fuel on the ground... he would have smelt it guaranteed.
  19. hey fair enough too, wasnt having a shot mate.. there are people out there who could be covered in fuel and have no idea.. i guess most of us who ride are well tuned to our machinery.. and yeah even the cage..maybe it just happened as there is a small chance he would have noticed his marble garage floor had a strange liquid on it.. :LOL:
  20. Sounds like a job for Mythbusters!!!